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index1 actuality 2019

Registration 2019
We are sorry and very disappointed, the 2019 registration and the 19th edition
of Images Contre Nature will not take place for lack of sufficient financial support.

P'Silo workshop at Nelson Mandela high school
between october 2019 to march 2020
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index1 actuality 2018

Programme "All we need" - ALTERNATIVE film/video festival, Belgrade
December 13, 2018, 17h

[ 8 videos of the selection Images Contre Nature - 87' ]
Kaïros by Stefano Canapa & Elisa Ribes
Los (De)pendientes by Sebastian Wiedemann
poble by Albert Bayona
Surplus by Doplgenger
Scherzo by Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core
slapstick social by Frank Gatti
A Droite Toute by 360° et même plus
An Infinite Loop for Resistance by M. Woods
All information / ontheroad

Masterclass with Michael Woods, media terrorist - Videodrome2
Thursday October 18th, 20:30

Masterclass - Michael Woods - 73'

Videodrome 2, the MUFF, Images Contre Nature, Festival Tous Courts
and the Collectif Jeune Cinéma welcome Michael Woods
for a European tour of his work.

Selection of short by Michael Woods, 4'
An Infinite Loop for Resistance, 2017, 5'40
Post-Panoptic Gazing, 2015, 10'36
Narc, 2011, 5'57
Window Shopping, 2018, 3'
Commodity Trading: Election Day, 2017, 15'30
Closing Bell, 2018, 5'41

P'Silo workshop _Faire son cinéma at Nelson Mandela high school
between october 2018 to march 2019

All information / workshop

ICN #18 - Videodrome2
July 3 > 7, 2018
Opening Night - 15mn

Programme animated - 5mn

Programme time - 4mn33

Programme sense - 3mn45

Programme movement - 3mn45

Programme space - 7mn18

Programme identity - 5mn47

Programme perception - 3mn08

Programme long ICN#18 - 4mn57

Closing Night ICN#18 - 5mn27

La fête du Court Métrage #18 - Cinéma le Variété
A selection of 7 videos ICN - 35'
Thursday, March 15 - second part 22h15
37 rue Vincent Scotto, 13001 Marseille

D8/1 / Michel TOESCA / France / ICN 2016
DISTURBDANCE / Guli SILBERSTEIN / United Kingdom/ ICN 2013
FALL 1 & 2 / Aaron ZEGHERS / Canada / ICN 2014
UBUYU (FIRST BATH) / Michael LYONS / Japan / ICN 2016
SCHERZO / Fabio SCACCHIOLI & Vincenzo CORE / Italy / ICN 2016
C'EST PAS PIRE ANNA / Maxime HOT / France / ICN 2017
BLANC / Nelly-Ève RAJOTTE / Canada / ICN 2017
All information / on the road

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index1 festival #18

Images Contre Nature
international festival of experimental video - 18th edition
Videodrome 2

between July 3 and July 7, 2018

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index1 registration ICN 2018

The registration is closed.

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index1 selection #18

437 films, 377 authors, 56 countries
Afghanistan/ Argentina/ Australia/ Austria/ Bangladesh/ Belgium/ Brazil/ Bulgaria/ Canada/ Chile/ China/ Colombia/ Croatia/ Czech Republic/ Denmark/ Ecuador/ Egypt/ Finland/ France/ Germany/ Greece/ Hungary/ India/ Iran/ Italy/ Japan/ Jordan/ Latvia/ Mexico/ Moldova/ Morocco/ Netherlands/ New Zealand/ Norway/ Peru/ Philippines/ Poland/ Portugal/ Republic of Ireland/ Romania/ Russia/ Rwanda/ Scotland/ Serbia/ Slovakia/ Slovenia/ South Africa/ South Korea/ Spain/ Switzerland/ Taiwan/ Thailand/ Turkey/ Ukraine/ United Kingdom/ USA/

8 programs animated, space, identity, long, movement, perception, sense, time.
83 films, 82 authors, 26 countries
Argentina/ Belgium/ Brazil/ Canada/ China/ Croatia/ Denmark/ Ecuador/ France/ Germany/ Hungary/ India/ Iran/ Italy/ Japan/ Netherlands/ New Zealand/ Norway/ Poland/ Portugal/ South Africa/ Spain/ Switzerland/ Thailand/ United Kingdom/ USA/

256 films, 212 authors, 44 countries
Argentina/ Australia/ Austria/ Belgium/ Brazil/ Bulgaria/ Canada/ Chile/ China/ Croatia/ Denmark/ Ecuador/ Finland/ France/ Germany/ Hungary/ India/ Iran/ Italy/ Japan/ Latvia/ Mexico/ Moldova/ Netherlands/ New Zealand/ Norway/ Peru/ Philippines/ Poland/ Portugal/ Republic of Ireland/ Romania/ Russia/ Rwanda/ Serbia/ South Africa/ South Korea/ Spain/ Switzerland/ Taiwan/ Thailand/ Turkey/ United Kingdom/ USA/

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index1 programmation #18
Videodrome 2 - free price

by P'Silo & Les Inattendus
Tuesday July 3, 21h
Programme To shot the transe, 6 films, 80'

DE DENTRO FROM THE INNER de Peter-Conrad Beyer
Germany, 2006, 16mm > Num, 11’

France, 2007, super 8, Vidéo > Num, 19’

USA, 1945, 16mm > Num, 3'

WAIFEN MAIDEN + CONSUME de Dominic Angerame
USA, 2003, 16mm, 12'45

REAK – Transe chamanique soudanaise de Julien Hairon
USA, 2003, 16mm, 12'45

MERE JEANNE DES ANGES de Jean-Baptiste Lenglet
France, 2008, Num, 9'

by P'Silo, Videodrome2 et le MUFF
Sunday July 7, 21h

21h, cine concert about MATKORMANO
with 2:13 PM and Damien Schultz, 45'
MATKORMANO experimental documentaryl by Julien LOUVET & Fabien RENNET
2:13 PM Julien Louvet & Eric Duriez (music)
Damien Schultz (voice)

22h30, Kino Limo JUKEBOX MOVIES, 100'
with Muriel Lefebvre (music et living art)
Derek Woolfenden (choice of films)
Guillaume Lebourg (editing and screening)

crédit-photo : Rebecca Summereb

Wednesday July 4, 15h30 & Thursday July 5, 15h30
8 films - 33mn
young audience program

Stairs /Charlotte Rabuteau /France
Big Day /Julianna Gal /Argentina
The Longing Ritual /Scott Turri & Michael Arnao /USA
The Extinct Suite /Anna Zemlianski /Germany
Divisional Articulations /Max Hattler /China
Cigarro Azul /Ricardo Lisboa /Portugal
RGB+ /Roberto D'Alessandro /France
Boogie Stomp Pink /Stuart Pound /United Kingdom

Wednesday July 4, 17h15 & Friday July 6, 19h
15 films - 69mn

Juillet /Ian Menoyot /Belgium
Passages /Di Hu /China
Our Great Day 1967 /Roger Horn /South Africa
Still life /Peter Klausz /Hongary
Underneath it all /Mélissa Faivre /Germany
Mais Ailleurs c'est toujours mieux /Vivian Ostrovsky /USA
Paradox /Aditi Kulkarni /India
(No) We, I, Myself and Them? /Christin Bolewski /Germany
Through /Mariusz Wirski /Poland
Your Darkness /Susan DeLeo /USA
To the Buoy /Dan Nadaner /USA
Double-cross the bridge /Maxime Hot /France
The poem of time /Soheil Seraji & Amin Djavadi /Iran
Passenger Grid /Neil Needleman /USA
Le Temps Perdu /Zohar Kfir /USA

Wednesday July 4, 19h & Friday July 6, 17h15
14 films - 63mn

The River /Jeremy Newman /USA
Cake d'amour /Kika Nicolela /Belgium
Pink Party /Sandrine Deumier /France
3 peonies /Stephanie Barber /USA
Hiatus /Vivian Ostrovsky /USA
L'usine /Isabel Pérez del Pulgar /France
Godzone /Brit Bunkley /New Zeland
Irae /Gérard Cairaschi /France
shadows of a radio in the east /Nacho Recio /Spain
Please step out of the frame. /Karissa Hahn /USA
Dalva /Guillermina Buzio /Canada
A medium-sized statement /Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjørnet /Denmark
sol /Ottar Ormstad & Taras Mashtalir & Yan kalnberzin /Norway
SONG N°27 /Céline Trouillet /France

Friday July 6, 21h
6 films - 124mn

first part - 21h, 64'
Abattoir /Steven Cohen /South Africa
ab ovo /Luca Ferri /Italy
These Boots Are Made for Walkin' /Eden Mitsenmacher & Rebecca Tritschler/UK
Hyperwestern cowboy /France Gall /Switzerland
le rêve de la pêcheuse /Samuel Bester /France

second part - 23h, 60'
Moi autobiographie 16 eme version /France

Thursday July 5, 21h & Saturday July 7, 15h30
8 films 7 pays - 65mn

Vortex /Alexandre Alagôa /Portugal
Michael Lyons /Michael Lyons /Japan
The Garden of Delight /Michael Fleming /Netherlands
Je vous trouve tribaux /Maxime Hot /Ecuardor
ACOPP hard compressed 05032018 s.i.l. version /Volker Krein /France
Last Will and Testament /Gregg Biermann /USA
Seance /Mark Street /USA
Wishful Thinking /Allan Brown /Canada

Wednesday July 4, 21h & Friday July 6, 15h30
10 films 6 pays - 74mn

Nonoko/Kaos No Ma /Michael Lyons /Japan
Farewell Transmission /Mike Rollo /Canada
165708 /Josephine Massarella /Canada
LA COGNIZIONE DEL CALORE (The Heat Cognition) /Salvatore Insana /Italy
38 River Road /Josh Weissbach /USA
Slump /Simon Elmaleh /Canada
ILLEGAL contemplation /Rrose Present /Spain
Kinski wanted Herzog to direct but he turned it down /Guillaume Vallée /Canada
Impressure /Guli Silberstein /United Kingdom
To the Nightingales /Kandis Friesen /Canada

Thursday July 5, 19h & Saturday July 7, 17h15
12 films - 82mn

Je suis un garçon /Boris du Boullay /France
Je suis une fille /Boris du Boullay /France
We love me /Naween Noppakun /Thailand
Train à très grande vitesse /Yves-Marie Mahé /France
poble /Albert Bayona /Spain
Ut Fuga Salutem /Gabin Cortez Chance /USA
7FF on¢idia /Ж /Brazil
Eyes in the Sky /Frédérick Belzile /Canada
Dailies from Dumpland Parts 1 & 2 /M. Woods /USA
Plant Dreaming Deep /Charlotte Clermont & Émilie Payeur /Canada
Destination /Anne Golden /Canada
Almost Nothing: So Continues the Night /Davor Sanvincenti /Croatia

jeudi 5 juillet, 17h15 & samedi 7 juillet, 19h
10 films - 76mn

sagas romp, sparagmos /s Laroche /United Kingdom
Là est la maison /Lo Thivolle & Victor De La Heras /France
Flight /Brice Bowman /USA
Volleyball Holiday /Ricardo Lisboa /Portugal
La Mesa /Adrian Garcia Gomez /USA
Motel /Brice Bowman /USA
Eldorado /Salise Hughes /USA
Acizo /Derek Woolfenden /France
Zoom /Mark Street /USA
DizzyMess /Vivian Ostrovsky /USA

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index1 partners #18

Ville de Marseille
Videodrome 2
Théâtre des Chartreux
Equivog Théâtre d'Aventure
Les Inattendus
Kino Limo
Forum des Festivals de Cinéma en Paca

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index1 usefull infos

Locations 2017
Metro 1 Metro 2 Tramway T2

1 Videodrome 2
49 Cours Julien /13006 Marseille
tel. 33 (0)4 91 42 75 41
Métro 2 - Notre-Dame du Mont

2 Théâtre des Chartreux
105, avenue des Chartreux /13004 Marseille
tel. 33 4 91 50 18 90
T2 Cinq avenues - M1 Cinq avenues - M1 Chartreux

Marseille-Provence airport
tel. 04 42 14 14 14
Connections between Marseille city centre / Airport :
1) Marseille to the airport
Departure from St Charles railway station – tel. + 33 4 91 50 59 34
Shuttle service every 20 minutes from 5.30 to 21.50
2) From the airport to Marseille - tel. + 33 4 42 14 31 27
Shuttle service every 20 minutes from 6.10 to 22.50
Before 6.30 : 6.15 and after 22.50, additional coach services are organized accorded to scheduled flight arrivals.
Journey time: 25 minutes – direct by motorway
Service de taxis :
24h/24 – tel. 04 42 14 24 44

Saint-Charles railway station
Esplanade Saint-Charles 13001 Marseille
tel. 3635

RTM (subway & bus in Marseille)

Coach station

tel. 0891 024 025

Office du Tourisme et des Congrès
4 la Canebière 13001 Marseille
tel. 0491 138 900

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index1 trailer #18 - 1mn31

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index1 contact

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c/o Videodrome 2
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13006 Marseille France
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