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Dangerous cultural politics in France

Actually the French state in starting to dismantle the cultural chain that reposes on numerous structures. Be it in relation to patrimony, theatre, dance, cinema, music, visual arts, whether it is about festivals, associations, alternative spaces, spectacle halls, cinemas, producers or distributors, all are seeing their actions compromised.

Through a system of repartition, there exists at the moment an equilibrium, precarious and with certainly room for improvement, between several forms of exchange oscillating between market economy and social economy. A politic that reflects on several levels and upon which is constructed multiple activities in the artistic sector. This equilibrium is menaced by the disengagement of the State, no longer fulfilling it’s role in this redistribution. It is thereby programming the disappearance of entire sections of creation and diffusion, by the reduction if not the annulation of financing.

Cultural diversity, in France is in danger!

Organisations, collectivities, artists, public are mobilising.

Action date : 29.02.2008 at 3pm at the Prefecture (bd Paul Peytral – 13006 Marseilles)

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P’Silo / Festival Images Contre Nature is a member of the CACC (Collective Action Cultural Cinematographic) in Aix-en-Provence and Marseilles.