July 2
20h30 La Légende Noire du Soldat O by André Neyton

An ignored part of the 1st World war "l'Affaire du XVe Corps" At the beginning of the First World War, the French Army undergoes the defeat The Minister for the war tries to make responsible “the Fifteenth Body”, entirely composed of Southerners of the France. The soldier O fell under the balls from his brothers, in the terrible calms of a firing squad; killed for the example for the only reason which he was provencal. La légende noire du soldat O" imagines the tragic-comic lawsuit of our great writers, philosophers, historians through their writings on the South.
presented by Centre Dramatique Occitan
text and stage direction : André Neyton
musics : Miquèu Montanaro
scenography : Suzanne Laugier
lighting creation : Michel Neyton
costumes creation : Isabelle Denis
images : ECPAD & private funds
video creation : Claude Ciccolella / P'Silo
with : Alain Aparis, Xavier Laurent, Jacques Maury et Nathalie Tévenen