L’OEIL SUR LA BALANCOIRE by Emmanuelle Sarrouy
CORPUS by Jean-Paul Noguès
DV LIFE 2001-2004 : MONTAG(N)E CATHODIQUE by Emmanuelle Sarrouy & Jean-Paul Noguès
Yup'ik - between June 27 and July 3, 15h to 19h, June 30, 15h to 22h
varnishing June 27, 18h

L’OEil sur la balançoire de Emmanuelle Sarrouy
To follow the movement / In the urgency / Of the moment..
The glance is balanced / The eye follows the rhythm / Rock 'n Roll.
Challenge to marry himself to the movement.
And of the dance of the glance which follows itself

Corpus de Jean-Paul Noguès
Video installation with two screens.
Vis-a-vis the representation stereotyped by the medias (cinema, pub, press) of the body of the Woman (mannequins or bimbos) with an only mercantile aim, Corpus tries to give again its place to the female body in its diversity and questions the interested first one : the women.

DV Life 2001-2004 : Montag(n)e cathodique
It is the accumulation of the small things which make the large things... And if for once, it was the life of ordinary people which constitutes our landscapes and our universal history?

Born on december 02 1968 in Lausanne (Switzerland), Emmanuelle Sarrouy has spent her childhood by the English Channel, in Dieppe, Normandy. She arrived in Provence in 1988, and has lived between Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence, Cassis and Lourmarin. She studied english, italian, spanish and, in 1993, passed a Master in cinema and audio-visual techniques on Gore Movie under the supervision of Nicole Brenez. First, script translator for animation movies, then location manager for cinema, she has been casting director since 1996.
Writing has always been her first passion. She wrote theoretical articles about cinema and experimental cinema, especially in Admiranda, Reperages, Simulacres, Exploding, Les Inrockuptibles. From 2002 to 2004, she has been correspondent for Le Technicien du Film. In 2003, she has been co-author of a book about TV series Nos Séries cultes (Tana editions). In 2005, she has been co-author in the new edition of the Dictionnaire du Jeune Cinema Français (Scope Editions, forthcoming) and co-author of the film’s book Paris, je t’aime (Hachette editions).
Curator for the Festival Tous Courts of Aix-en-Provence since 1995, she has been in charge of the “Aixperimental“ program - a program of experimental films and videos- since 2001, in collaboration with Jean-Paul Noguès. Today, she is an experimental video director and works on her first fantastic feature film with Les Films du Safran. Member of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma.
My films are portraits. Portraits of Men/Animals, dancing, singing, and even sometimes frightening portraits… Portraits of people I love, taken from everyday life and transcended by the video image. Poetical reflexions on humanimality, unlikely encounters between authors and found-footage films…
I like working on rythm of a movement to follow – Eye on the Swing- or of a movement to unbuild –Spinning Head. To search for the rythm of images and sounds that will give the tempo and will carry the audience along.
To follow a gesture, a hand movement, slowing down up to the frame by frame –Bad Dream Nevermore, Man is in question !- and speeding-up to the scratch –Spinning Head- or to the flickering –Bad Dream Nevermore. To create music with images, sometimes cheerful, lively, sometimes nostalgic, but always rousing, bewitching music… To force people to keep eyes and hears wide open, and to remember that it is not necessarily totally either mute film or sound film. To remember that the interference between the two, even if rough, is absolutely necessary.
To film people eating their meal – End of Century, their snack –Baby Dolls 1 : A time to eat, to film those moments when we take time, when the rythm dies down, suspends, and to transform it in terrifying, agonizing episodes where the sound grows, swallows up everything, where images bang together, tear one another… Passionately.
To use existing animal images –bird, fish, camel…- and gave them back their own humanity by bringing about the encounter between authors, directors and composers in a poetical lampoon form. In order to shout the alarm one last time before the tragedy, and never forget the true ambiguity that exists in every man…
Against the disappearance and for a never-ending mutation of images, sounds and bodies.
2001–2004 DV Life (installation, autobio-documentaries / 4 x 14 x 3’ with Jean-Paul Noguès)
2004 Le Sourire du chameau (experimental / 4’30) C’est de l’homme qu’il s’agit ! (experimental / 6’)
2002 La Tête qui tourne (experimental / 5’30) Bad Dream Nevermore (experimental / 2’) Fin de siècle (experimental / 8’30)
2001 Baby Dolls 1 : le temps du goûter (experimental / 5’30) L’OEil sur la balançoire (experimental / 2’30)
1996 Punctum Est ! (documentary / 5’12)
tel. : 33 6 11 80 70 68

Born in 1967 in Marseilles, France, Jean-Paul Noguès has grabed his first camera in 1975, being cameraman for a super 8 film shot at the end of the primary school !
Bass player in different rock bands between 1988 and 1995, he has studied cinema in Aix-en-Provence where he passed, in 1993, under the supervision of Nicole Brenez, a Master entitled "The rock representation in movies from 1970 to 1981".
Location manager for cinema and television, he has become during almost ten years curator for the short-film international competition of the Festival Tous Courts (Aix-en-Provence, France) where, since 2001, he has been in charge (in collaboration with Emmanuelle Sarrouy) of the experimental program. Since the dawn of the XXIst Century, Jean-Paul Noguès has begun filming in digital video.
Membre of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma.
"My films are talking about love, body, intimacy. They work on the image penetrating the heart of matter, of texture, and rediscovering the abstraction coming from daily life, from woman’s body, from man’s body. For it is always urgent to speak about love, and since the gift of oneself is intimately connected with a certain anxiety of loss, my films are oscillating between terror and passion."
2005 Corpus, installation (installation / 48’)
2005 Corpus (documentary / 82’)
2001–2004 DV Life installation, autobio-documentaries, 4 x 14 x 3’ environ, with Emmanuelle Sarrouy)
2004 Elle et le loup (experimental / 7’) The Ring Mix (experimental / 7’)
2003 Flammes nues (experimental / 6’) Elana (experimental / 5’)
2002 Coda (fiction / 26’)
2001 Ogres (experimental / 7’) In vivo (experimental / 7’)
tel. : 33 6 03 92 25 53