July 1
20h30 Prototype... by Coralie Amédéo & Emmanuelle Sarrouy
A portrait, not a tribute to somebody ! A rock’n’punk film !
48mn, color & b/w, 2001/06, France

A prototype, according to the dictionnary : the first form of something, esp. of a machine or industrial product, constructed before its mass production.
To give life to a ghost, both joyful and melancholy ghost, who became to himself a ghost, prototypal form that cheerfully mingles with coarse-grained films and video pixels, with various forms and colours, and that appears in the cuts, in the link shots, and in the flash of a shooting star.
This film reveals itself to be first and foremost a multi-ramification portrait. The portrait of a young man, of a movie prop man, of a friend today gone with the wind… A sparkle of life. But this is also, through a remarkable story, haunted by unforgettable cinema instants, by literary and musical references, the portrait of an era, the portrait of a generation… The one of the end of the XXth Century.
These are fragments of life, conjured up memory, universal for ever, that does not want to disappear at any price and struggles hard to eternally rise from its ashes… Its plastic and aesthetic metamorphosis possibilities are infinite.
Coralie Amédéo & Emmanuelle Sarrouy
They both studied cinema and met togehter, and together with Cyril Maero, on film shootings. They all three began a professional career in the audiovisual and movie industry. They became friends. Today, Coralie is a casting director, and Emmanuelle, an experimental film director.
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Coralie Amédéo