Espaceculture - between June 26 and July 8, 10h to 18h45
varnishing June 26, 18h

’ve been collecting digital pictures of faces and patterns, but also pictures of objects that can be of different sizes and uses, like dolls and pieces of furniture. At the beginning, these images of objects were meant to be integrated to the faces. But then, after making printed paper with faces and patterns on it to cover the walls of a showroom at Le Château de Servières, i started covering real objects. I only use secondhand objects that come from flea markets, trash or donations.
The installation, Contamination, at the Espace Culture of Marseille, from june 26th to july 8th, shows these everyday objects. Their use can be identified by their shape, but they’re all “contaminated”, covered with a printed paper. On that paper, faces are “overrun” by geometric patterns, inspired by tiles on the floor of a church in Florence, Italy.
Contamination, made of yellow and red, shows several objects that are changed and linked by a so-called new skin, which brings them a new life.
After a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts (1992), and several years of experiments in various art fields, i first tried my hands at painting, and black and white photographing. Then i made pieces of art with sewing, and eventually came back to painting, based on photographs.
I first presented my works at the Artonef gallery, Aix en Provence, in 1999.
In 2004, at Le Château de Servières, thanks to a subvention that i got from this gallery, i made a first set of printed paper tiles inspired by the azulejos i discovered during a trip in Lisbon. The point was to take over a showroom and to present my works of painting and sewing.
In 2004/2005, at the Ziem Museum of Martigues, i used my printed paper tiles again to create an installation called Pfffffff : a painted wooden face, stuck on a wall, and “blowing” the paper tiles on this very wall, on the floor and on a little piece of furniture, wich eventually was entirely covered.