EDITO 2006

"Cinema is cutting. And to ease our fears, we tell ourselves stories, even though a large section of the world is from now on, a part of nothing. However the off screen often escapes the accident of its disappearance and it ís a relief to therefore see it on screen" said Maurice Yadenkine and he added "Nothing is more beautiful or dear to my heart than the experimental work of art."
How does one not share this passion ! As a construction image does not escape analysis. It even represents a fertile ground for language games, the varied layouts of understanding. It is by analysis, that a film will be considered as experimental or not. For then the image will be the motor, the cockpit, the wings, the propeller and the fuel. As an illustration, a testimony or a narrative tool, it will be put aside, sometimes with regret.
It is this point of view that allows us to qualify our choices, made apparent by the international selection of programmes which run in parallel with the video library "à la carte". To this large panel of films will be added, as an opening, a programme in two parts of the works of Augustin Gamel where the mechanics of the eye are disconcerted, preceded by the very non reverential performance "How to make friends" by Jean-Christophe Petit. Prototype... by Coralie Amedeo and Emmanuelle Sarrouy, a remarkable film where the portrait of one man refers to common memory, will close the festival.
Finally the daily space will be covered and invaded by the very colourful Contamination, an installation by Nin Bek. Long live love stories.