cinema & literature, with the presence of the director
a screen talk following the screening
a reading & a film - 65mn
Tuesday May 10, 2016, 20h30, free price
Videodrome 2    49 Cours Julien / 13006 Marseille tel. 33 4 91 42 75 41

a reading - birds angels and men by Emmanuelle Sarrouy - 15mn
Encounters are wonderful accidents. Especially when we believe in ghosts.

a film - Prototype... by Coralie Amédéo & Emmanuelle Sarrouy
48mn, color & b/w, 4/3, 2001-2006, France
A portrait, not a tribute! A rock’n’punk movie!
To give life to a ghost, both joyful and melancholy ghost, who became to himself a ghost, prototypal form tha cheerfully mingles with coarse-grained films and video pixels, with various forms and colours, and that appears in the cuts, in the link shots, and in the flash of a shooting star. Its plastic and aesthetic metamorphosis possibilities are infinite. This film reveals itself to be first and foremost a multi-ramification portrait. The portrait of a young man, of a movie property man, of a friend today gone with the wind... A sparkle of life. But this is also, through a remarkable story, haunted by unforgettable cinema instants, by literary and musical references, the portrait of an era, the portrait of a generation... The one of the end of XXth Century.

cinéma et littérature
To write a movie. To write a found-footage or recycling or re-use movie, as you prefer. It is to find some material in order to do something else that is of our own. It is like writing, with images, with sounds and with words, it is just the same. Cut-Up says Burroughs. Cut-Up, ok, Allons-y Allonzo ! says Pierrot with Godard’s words. We build, we edit, we dismantle, we go back... It is also a little of architecture in fact. But for it it is necessary to seek at first, to explore, to experiment. We make plans, but not too many either. Don’t need to lock oneself. While looking for a long time one sometimes find what we looked for, and many of the other times we find something else that we haven’t looked for, and it is precisely what we needed. And that's it which is magic in the writing of a movie, a book or a poem. This furtive spark which is going to amaze us for a long time. It is the accident, the unpredictable that offers itself to us, always when we expect it in the least. To write a movie, a book or a poem, or something quite different, or many other things, it is falling in love continuously.

reading and discussion with Emmanuelle Sarrouy

Emmanuelle Sarrouy
Born in Lausanne, Switzerland. Lives and works in Marseilles, France. Emmanuelle Sarrouy spends her childhood by the English Channel, Dieppe, before settling down in Provence in 1988. Multimedia artist, poet, video director, follower of the interbreeding of all kinds, she practises hybridization of forms and mixture of genres. Flirts for a long time with diary forms, archiving, recycling, compilation, small forms, suspended moments, everyday life poetry. (la Revue des Archers, Rrose Sélavy). Today, she prepares a multimedia installation on the quest of childhood, works on several writing projects, and pursues the hybridization by working more and more regularly in association with artists (Alfons Alt, Alexandra Montsaingeon), video directors (Carole Contant, Jean-Paul Noguès), musicians (Frédéric Salles, Sakamoto Hiromichi, Sofiane Saïdi/NAAB, Mazen Kerbaj), dancers (Émilie Garetier, Yendi Nammour), authors (Jonas Jolivert, Wilfried Salomé)... Her book Seisme(s) long shivering poem about Haïti and the adventure of adoption, is regularly presented in musical readings.
+33 (0)6 11 80 70 68

Coralie Amédéo
Casting director for cinema and television, Coralie Amédéo begins her activity in Marseille. She still works from time to time in her hometown but works mainly in Paris. Very early, she practises theater, acting courses, directing, in particular to the Cinema Workshops of Marseille. After a three year college diploma in Aix-en-Provence, she begins to work as location manager assistant and director assistant on short and feature films. Trained on on the job, she evolves towards the assistantship realization by becoming second then first assistant director on several television and film projects. Litlle by little she naturally becomes casting director which confirms her desire to work in touch with actors and directing. Casting director for more than 18 years, she collaborates or collaborated with directors such as Stéphane Brizé, Julie Gavras, Karim Dridi, Eric Rochant, Mehdi Charef, Jean-Marie Poiré, Philippe Carrese, Daniel Auteuil, Eric Cantona, Thomas Gilou, Yves Boisset, François Favrat, Philomène Esposito, Olivier Langlois, Claire Devers, , Philippe Dajoux, Alain Corneau, Stéphane Kappès, Luc Béraud, Charlotte Brandstrom, , Simon Astier, Raphaël Frydman, Fabrice Eboué, Jérôme Enrico, Sylvain Monod, Jacques Doillon....