[ 10 videos selection 2009 to 2018 at Image Contre Nature - 60mn ]
Many thanks to the directors.

Program directed by Héléne Bez and Claude Ciccolella
a white card of Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques
screened November 11, 2022, 20h30
La Friche la Belle de Mai
41 rue Jobin 13003 Marseille
13003 Marseille
35 Festival Les Instants Vidéo - Rencontres internationales

sadescription Fragments untitled #1
6mn50   color   stereo   2012   Serbia
by Doplgenger
The famous speech of Slobodan Milosevic, which took place at Kosovo on June 28th 1989, was performed in front of the thousands of people. The National television was streaming it. This event, as known as “happening of the people”, is embodied in the image and the speech of Milosevic. History regards it as a presage of the collapse of Yugoslavia and the bloodshed of the Yugoslav Wars. Doplgenger vivisects media footage and TV stream of the 1989 event in order to denote the invisible and deconstruct the memory.
production : Doplgenger
distribution : Doplgenger
Festival 2013  [ pr. sense ]

sadescription Sur le passage de quelques amis Facebook
5mn47   color   stereo   2011   France
by Suzel Roche
Again, two builders meet each other, some time they hurt, most frequently, they stay face to face, let the spectator find place in their junction: my Facebook friends's pictures and the voice of Guy Debord from his movie "La Société du Spectacle".
Festival 2011  [ pr. sense ]

sadescription Chinese Wedding Dancer
14mn50   color   stereo   2008   USA
by Neil Needleman
A lyrically rhythmic joy ride with constantly changing graceful patterns, concocted using video footage shot at my son’s wedding in China. Through editing, I’ve imposed new patterns and pulsating bursts of movement on a “folk” dance performed by an entertainer at the event.
Festival 2009  [ pr. movement ]

sadescription IMPRESSURE
4mn35   color   stereo   2017   United Kingdom
by Guli Silberstein
Video code captured during family trips in British landscape, explodes and diffuses on screen, creating smears of vibrant colours and merging moving forms. The work wonders about the mysterious connection between nature and humans, and the use of technology in perception of the natural world.
Festival 2018  [ pr. perception ]

sadescription Mónica's Portrait
5mn   color   stereo   2015   Portugal
by João Cristovão LEITÃO
Mónica is, in theory, anything. Therefore, her portraits are born from the juxtaposition of sounds and of images taken from the audiovisual archive that is YouTube. Copyrights are neglected, the purposes of those who are neglected are usurped and (im)possible truths are tested. Thus, Mónica’s Portrait isn’t intended as an inflexible document – which informs and certifies –, but rather as an audiovisual montage able to suggest the inevitable and multiple identity of things: of sound, of image and of mankind.
distribution : HEURE EXQUISE !
Festival 2016  [ pr. time ]

sadescription Film Loop 34: Ryoanji
1mn30   color   stereo   2017   Japan
by Michael Lyons
Shot on 16mm film using a 35mm SLR and developed in Matchanal - home-brewed with powdered green tea, vitamin C, washing soda. Filmed at the Ryoanji dry landscape garden (枯山水) in northwest Kyoto. The soundtrack is an excerpt from 'Schianta e Brucia' by Stefano de Ponti and Elia Moretti. Images from the Film Loop Series were used in studio during the recording of this track.
Festival 2018  [ pr. movement ]

sadescription Charades
7mn   color & b/w   stereo   2009   USA
by Ann Steuernagel
This found footage piece is a celebration of boy/girl identity and lesbian sexuality.
Festival 2010  [ pr. perception ]

sadescription Eldorado
4mn06   color   stereo   2017   USA
by Salise Hughes
Made of footage from Glengarry Glenross, Bonanza, news footage from three major hurricanes and forest fires occurring during production, and news footage of the 2010 BP oil spill. El Dorado, the fabled lost city of gold is also the name of a luxury Cadillac, and first prize in David Mamet's Glengarry Glenross real estate competition.
Festival 2018  [ pr. time ]

sadescription Win-Nip-Egg
4mn12   color   stereo   2015   Canada
by Lamathilde
When a state phantomizes a population, creating another reality. When history disfigures the face of truth. When my story meets another story. When women disappear without trace. While white and privileged, I witness a repetition of stories. When violence against women's bodies equals violence from the use of words. The bodies of those we do not want to see or hear. From my studio window, I look out and my life crosses theirs.
distribution : Groupe Intervention Vidéo
Festival 2016  [ pr. space ]

sadescription Scherzo
5mn15   color & b/w   stereo   2015   Italy
by Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core
“O, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world. That has such people in't!” William Shakespeare, The Tempest
Festival 2016  [ pr. perception ]