IMPROVISATION by la Cie Sur le Chemin des Collines
Daki Ling - July 2 & 3, 18h30 & 20h30

with : Sandra Tittoni, Franck Vidal, Mike Reveau Peiffer.
“Which came first ? The chicken or the egg ? The Father, the Son or the Holy Ghost ? The first will be last. It’s mathematic !” (Le Premier, Israël Horovitz)
Administration, cinema, concert ; Who hasn’t queued-up and tried everything to get in front of the others ? Just how far will you go to be first ? How many steps is it from a simple schoolboys joke to a bloody crime ?
Inspired by their present work, the creation of Premier by I. Horovitz, the actors of the company “ Sur le Chemin des Collines... ” will try to explore by the means of improvised playlets, the mechanisms of human thinking and everything that reminds us of our basic condition…

Give back to the theatre a real social function, is the challenge taken up by our company. Far from a discussion partisan, an ideological message, we want to realise an authentic theatre of reflection. It is not a matter of bringing the right answers, but of asking the right questions.La Compagnie sur le Chemin des Collines will present their show, Le Premier de I. Horovitz, at the Comedia in Toulon in the autumn of 2002.