Lices - 1 juillet ,16h - 1h

Libellule is a Marseilles association which has, since 1994, developed it's activities around assisting the diffusion of local artists, collectivities and structures. It's three poles of activities are orientated towards video/cinema, music and visual art, with the organisation of projections (video/cinema), exhibitions and concerts, disco graphic production and distribution, assistance with creation (workspace and materials made available). The association multiplies the parternerships : L'Office de la Culture de Marseilles/ les Ateliers d'Artistes, le Web Bar Marseilles, le Vidéodrome, la Fête du Panier/du Plateau, les Bancs Publics, le Système Friche, Radio Grenouille, Ventilo, le Festival Images Contre Nature, le Festival Tous Courts, etc. Since October 2001, Housedin the Vidéodrome, Libellule presents free of charge, diverse local national and international works, (documentaries, short films, artists films...).

Lices 2 juillet, 16h - 56 mn
An associative structure founded in 1989 in Marseilles, Vidéochroniques is consecrated to the promotion of innovative artistic practises that bring into play the rapport between contemporary art and the technologies linked to imaging, sound and new media. The association whose actions are divided between several sectors of distinct, yet complementary activities (diffusion, artists residence and productions, documentation) works with an international network of artists, festivals, distributors, diffusers..; It has been since 1998 one of the resident organisations which make up the Friche la Belle de Mai, which houses its head office and workspaces. We are equally associated with the management of the Friche Gallery in a framework of implementation and collaboration with the other operators present on site working in the field of contempory visual arts. Vidéochroniques recieves financial support from Conseil Régional de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, du Ministère de la Culture - Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles -, de la Ville de Marseille et du Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône.
Visite au musée
Samuel Rousseau 3 mn 16 - 1993-95 - France
The Apple Acoustic
Jozef Robakowski 3 mn 40 -1994-95 - Poland
Heroic Turn
Astrid Nippoldt 13 mn 50 - 2001 - Germany
Harry Houdini
Paul Harrison & John Wood 1 mn 45 - 1994 - United Kingdom
Natacha, hôtesse de l’air
Nicolas Primat 5 mn - 2001 - France
Denis Brun 7 mn 27 - 2001 - France
Marco Poloni 8 mn 30 - 2000 - Switzerland/Italy
For The Birds
Keith Sanborn 8 mn - 2000 - USA

Lices - 3 juillet, 16h - 1h
Since 1993 XHX has diffused experimental cinema in Marseilles and it’s outlying areas. Working without a premises, XHX has intervened in museums, commercial cinemas, as well as in the open air, on water, in artists studios and underground premises… 112 séances or events, of which, 15 open air, with 41 invited guests, 5 concerts, 9 performances, 2 exhibitions, in 36 premises with 21 co-productions for 14 975 spectators.
The song of Rio Jim
Maurice Lemaître 6 mn - 16 mm - b/w - sound - 1978
Vingt-sept fleurs pour mon chien
Laurent Faulon 13 mn - 16 mm - b/w - sound - 1997
Free Radicals
Len Lye 5 mn - 16 mm - b/w - sound - 1957-79
The Murder Mystery
Dietmar Brehm 18 mn - 16 mm - color - sound - 1988
Siegfried A. Fruhauf 9 mn - 16 mm - b/w - sound - 2000