Lices - July 4
18h30 Reading by Reine Taëvran & Matilde Navea
20h30 Le premier by Israël Horovitz presented by Co Sur Le Chemin des Collines
in coproduction with Co Equivog Théâtre d ’Aventure
18h30 Reading by Reine Taëvran & Matilde Navea

"A trickle of soapy water flows back towards the interior, inside private circuits, which excludes the regard.
Each drop of water is a concentrated life which slides inside
a complicated reservoir, the shortest path towards the exterior(...) all day long I think about the moment when my body awakes, after having participated in this sonorised spectacle.
Sounds run around the cistern, their trajectory fascinates me, they are not going to follow the path of the soapy water.
The water vapour covers all surfaces until it sticks to the walls of memory.
Two children’s games, off-ground tag, reinvented, with new rules, valid for only a few minutes, what's the time Mr Wolf, elastic, jump, jump, jump higher and higher..."
Extract of the text entitled "la Douche de Reine Taevran" ( "Queen Taeverns Shower")

20h30 Le premier by Israël Horovitz

Mise en scène : Gilles Ikrelef
avec : Éric Brunel (Fleming), Mike Reveau (Stephen), Sandra Tittoni (Molly), Jean-François Bony (Dolan), Franck Vidalosa (Arnall) - Direction d’acteurs : Sylvie Bailly & Gilles Ikrelef
Chorégraphie : Anne Boyer
Création lumière : Michel Neyton
Création vidéo : Claude Ciccolella
Régie : Adeline Gay
"...Our societies value, before all else, competition and we are conditioned the whole of our existence, to be first; you have to be the best, the strongest, the most performante at all costs, be ready to soullessly eliminate the others with an easy conscience. Televised game shows, sport, the education system, the professional world, spiritual quests, are the vectors of these competitive values..."

Co sur le Chemin des Collines
The challenge undertaken by our company is to give back to theatre a real social function, by confronting an "unaware" public with contemporary creations. We wish to create a "theatre of reflection " with a critical and alienated regard that gives a free rein to the interpretation of each individual. It is not a question of bringing the right answers, but one of asking the right questions. The company is implanted in a rural area to bring us closer, on an equal footing, to a population often far from the theatre, thereby giving ourselves the possibility of stimulating our creations thanks to the contact with this new public. We would like to conduct an action of sensibility around our creations in educative, associative and business establishments, to incite reflection on the social and cultural values of today.

Co Equivog Théâtre d'Aventure
15 years experience
- An all-public research
- 2 shows for small children, crèche, nursery
- 3 show of African fairy tales for nursery, primary
- 1 show of traditional fairy tales for older children
- An exhibition – lecture general public
- Two shows general public
- A dozen actors are at your service to present these shows
or supervise workshops and residences
- A familiarity with interventions abroad, three Spanish tours
for Spanish students studying French
- A very serious approach that excludes neither humour nor ease