July 5
20h30 TARTUFFE(S) La répétition - 80mn
by the Co Equivog Théâtre d'Aventure

Created by : Equivog Théâtre d'Aventure
Directed by : Gisèle MARTINEZ
Actors' direction : Silvy BAILLY
Actors and puppets' manipulation : Mike Reveau PEIFFER, Éric BRUNEL
Music : Blaze Malade
Two clowns come on stage dragging weird wheeling-machines behind them. While one of them installs this strange bric-a-brac, the other one makes a speech on the virtues of theatre to his "beloved audience". The first clown calls him an hypocrite and brings him back to more down-to-earth thoughts : he reminds him that the real reason they are playing theater is to earn their leavings and not for the "beauty of art". Manipulating accessories and puppets, these two antagonistic characters agree on the casting of the play. They decide to focus on the relationships of Orgon, Elmire, Tartuffe, Dorine and Cléante and to shift the play in contemporary time. The rehearsal can now begin...
This interpretation of Tartuffe pushes aside the traditional representation in costume and is inspired by Philippe Caubère, Cartoun Sardines Théâtre, James Thierrée and Jacques Tati. On the empty stage, the clowns bring their own universe filled with images of news, sound creations and videos, accessories and scenery... The clown relationship is a mirror of the complex relationship of Orgon and Tartuffe, and each clown takes advantage of the play to impose his opinion.
By choosing to use clowns, that are popular and associated with childhood, Equivog stresses the fragility and the human dimension of the play's characters. The five characters of Tartuffe are represented by puppets built from everyday life objects. Using puppets is in the habit of Equivog Theater company that likes to play with objects and divert them from their usual function. During the play, the two comedians slip into these puppets, manipulate them, rewrite the play, interpret each characters and manage light and sound.
In his introduction of Tartuffe, Moliere states "The hypocrisy is in the State itself, a vice more dangerous than any other". This sentence still rings true nowadays and describe well today's economical, political and religious use of power. So-called "devout person" are still in the spotlight and their purses are full of money, even if these devout persons show little respect for human being.
This production of Tartuffe can be performed in all kind of places: schools, small communal places, etc.

Equivog Théâtre d'Aventure
Ten comedians are working within Equivog Adventure Theatre Company, to present performances, readings or to organise theatre training... Equivog company is performing internationally; it has produced lately three performance tours in Spain for Spanish students learning French. Created in 1986, Equivog likes to mix professionalism with a laid-back attitude and humour. Its play are for public of all age, children as well as adults.
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