EDITO 2008

Two men converse in a bus. Two professors. They are flipping through a university assignment of a hundred or so printed pages. Their gestures are not in the least negligent, and show a marked habit of manipulation. The document subject is on half-cast music in Iran. We quickly understand that it presents certain weaknesses. This seems to create a bad mood in one of the two men. As a grader, he has allowed a student to continue his studies in France. The student has thereby benefited from a "carte de sejour".
The professor is unrewarded, the student must have his thoughts elsewhere.
There exists a hiatus in the relationship maintained by the student and the professor. There is not only a requirement, an expectation even, from one that the other does not answer, but also an issue at stake. The professor's decision can have serious consequences. This power embarrasses him; it exceeds his field of action. This action however has the potential to change irreparably an existence. The student embarrasses more than the professor, he embarrasses the man. The discussion then slides onto the difficulty of tile laying and the possibility of dieting or at least practising a sport.
Does our belief in progress condemn us to go from the desire of a miraculous destiny to a painful conscience ?
In the intimacy and trials of each and everyone of us, the relative proximity of the reality show which we follow step by step on our television screens, is elaborated the staging of sentiments and emotions in order to, finally, render them supportable. In corollary, images issuing from documentaries and reporting where is seen war, famine, the diversity of beings and of landscapes along with their ongoing disappearance, like so many wounds. The space between individuals is thought about in a more restrained manner, closer to a kind that we can still envisage. Because from now on the rest is, perhaps, beyond our understanding.
The common theme of the festival events this year has as its title : Le mal des hommes "The unease/sickness/illness/pain of man" These articulate around a selection of films considered as experimental.
P'Silo organises the 8th edition of the international festival of Images Contre Nature. It takes place from the 19th of June to the 9th of July 2008 in Marseille : at the Rendez-vous des quais, the Espaceculture, the Videodrome and the Lices.