La croisade de Helmut Bertin
between June 30 and July 5, 9h45 rediffusion 16h45

Listen to the audio chronicles of the festival
day 1     day 2     day 3     day 4     day 5     day 6
by P'Silo and the "Cie des Bouffons" on Radio Grenouille 88.8 with Karine Papin, Laure Dottori, Mike Reveau Peiffer & Ange Rosa Berr, editing Ange Rosa Berr & Tony Regnauld

With the complicity of Radio Grenouille, the festival team proposes its chronicles. They present the program from day to day and also tell a radio phonic story in six episodes. We follow Helmut‚s peregrinations, a not very sociable young man, pursued by his dread of crocodiles: a childhood trauma badly resorbed by the untimely reaction of a not very shrewd, but very sentimental nanny. A tearful novel, novel education.