Soleil Caraïbes

between July 6 and July 11, 9h15 rediffusion 16h45
Radio Grenouille 88.8

Listen to the audio chronicles of the festival
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By P'Silo et la Cie des Bouffons
with Karine Papin, Laure Dottori, Mike Reveau Peiffer, Jean-Christophe Petit & Ange Rosa Berr, montage Ange Rosa Berr & Tony Regnauld.

"For the sixth consecutive year, Radio Grenouille opens its waves to the Images Contre Nature chronicles. these recall the festival programming but , above all, give space to a radio phonic creation in six episodes. Creation of a simple weft where it is often a question of love. The characters discover each other little by little in all their complexity, from which comes the intensity of their relations and the excesses which can follow. Dialogue is predominant but, as at the cinema, music punctuates the story. It underlines the strong, tragic or comic moments. And as customs wants, all ends in a moral. In 2009, The Ulrika, a top of the range liner, will be the theatre setting of the drama Soleil Cara´bes. Showing extraordinary technological prowess of which this suspended green forest, which, in the middle of the oceans, will give its passengers the joys of the earth to taste, will carry us under the most clement sky. On board, passions rip men."