EDITO 2012

The first thing we heard early this sunny afternoon, was the screeching brakes, twice, spaced by a runaway engine. For two of us, the scene was far away, in the street below. For another, she was there, on this 19th up pretty typical of Marseille, adorned with a voluptuous song when the trees turn green. Our disagreeing, stopped dead, casting a glance through a window opening onto the balcony. Below, some twenty people, meeting in a single leap, ran across the roadway toward a white car lying on its side. A race from a few meters, a wave, a single movement eventually stumble on the observation : the accident. When, finally, it may reflect the reality, his reality as much as that of the other. The issue at stake: tooth and nail.
The willingness of everyone to go and see, reflected a strong survival instinct, the manifestation of a struggle against the inevitable, -when the life of another is yours- a race soon exhausted by one ton of steel. Unable to recover the driver. This mass means our powerless. By necessity, we will become spectators. In the excitement, the first impulse was broken up while the audience was taking shape. Instantly, this new audience began to reel off his string of comments, assumptions, anger, acquiescence, of anger, acceptance and condemnation. We are making meaning.
The accident, always singular, just here to remind us the importance of the chance. Meanwhile, rescuers have extricated the man from his cage of metal, glass and plastic. Two beautiful and impressive trucks of extrication which are making to dream boys. The man was alive. The firefighters sanded the soil to cover the oil spread, and they have gone.
Honestly, to be stuck with the nonsense of everyday, why not going to the beach or why not organizing a festival, moreover experimental? And very freely.
We salute all our heart the memory of a Sir, Marcel Mazé -photographer, director, actor and co-founder of the "Collectif Jeune Cinema", he disappeared this year. It was amazing to have known him.