Blue Time by Inés Wickmann
between June 27 and July 12, from Tuesday to Thursday, 15h to 19h, by appointment
varnishing Day June 26, 18h30
finishing Day July 13, 15h to 19h
Art\Positions 36, rue d'Aubagne / 13001 Marseille tel. 33 4 91 04 07 23

The video installation is composed by three elements.
First Element:  Video film. The spectator is observed and his sight is confounded with the other's sight. This sight questions him in a space where images evoke a state that aspires to be independent of time, without a beginning or ending.  The events occur like a succession of flashes of memories detached from time.
Second Element: A small sandglass, a non virtual object that echoes to the images, evoking a motionless time.
The third element  video invites the spectator to « Mirar el rio hecho de tiempo y agua » (Look to the river made of time and water),  according to a phrase by J.L. Borges

Inés Wickmann
Inés Wickmann originates from Colombia. She has been learning Fine Arts at The National University of Bogotá and she got a master's degree in visual and media arts at the "Université du Québec à Montréal" (UQAM). She carried out numerous group and solo exhibitions, in particular in Colombia, Mexico and Canada and her videos are presented in various international festivals. She now lives and works in France.
Artistic process
Inés Wickmann is a visual artist from Colombia, who's also doing video since 2004. Her works have their origins in a large inventory of images and "objets trouvés" during her different travels. In her multidisciplinare practice, her reflections move around the threads of time, the memory, the disappearance  and the identity. Arising from her interest in music, the sound element reaches great relevance in her videos; they are the product of collaboration with many electroacoustic music composers.

36, rue d’Aubagne 13001 Marseille
tel. : 33 4 91 04 07 23
Daniel Roth
Artistic Director