VIDEO INSTALLATION Espaceculture 2012
La machine by Samuel Bester & Sophie-Charlotte Gautier
production : Les Editions du réel / Cumulus
between July 7 and August 25 all the nights
Varnishing Day with the reading Pré-visions du ciel by Véronique Vassiliou July 6, 20h
Espaceculture 42 la Canebière / 13001 Marseille tel. 33 4 96 11 04 60

The machine (2nd module of the project l'Envol)
Digital installation visible on the facade of Espaceculture at nightfall.
A set of images evokes the psychic mechanics engaged during dreams.
An incitement to activate its imagination, to play the game of interpretation, to plunge into its own interiority.
This installation is the fifth creation of Samuel Bester and Sophie-Charlotte Gautier. It's linked to the project l'Envol (series of protean digital installations on the dream of flight) which it constitutes the second module. As a starting point, a certain number of testimonies of persons having developed the ability of flying in their sleep. When we free ourselves from laws of gravity. It is a question of interpreting, of questioning, these physical and mental states so difficult to imagine and so delicate to retranscribe.

Samuel Bester
Artist born in 1975 in Geneva (Switzerland)
A Franco-German born in Geneva, Samuel Bester was studying in the school of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg in 1992 when he became aware, with the complicity of Jean-François Guiton, of the importance that video will take in his life and in his artistic research. Meetings with Sarkis, Robert Cahen, Jochen Gerz and Harun Farocki nourished his approach. At the edge of different styles, his films are of documentary and experimental inspiration.
T. 33 6 12 215 231
Filmmaker born in 1972 in Reims (France)
Graduated from the school of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg in 1997, prize-winner of the European Center of Contemporary Artistic Actions in 1999. Create digital installations while developing documentary films, a vital lead of her work since the year 2000. Curious to investigate various genres and various spaces, her movies are broadcasted on television and in many places and film festival across Europe . The protean work of Sophie-Charlotte Gautier combines images from multiple origins and elaborates a dense and composite video landscape by borrowing bends so diverse as photography or drawing.
T. 33 6 13 99 44 91

Installations co-directed by Samuel Bester & Sophie-Charlotte Gautier
la sieste, 48h chrono, Marseille la Friche, 2012
L'envol, module 1: pré-visions du ciel,, Campagne Vidéo, Le Favril, 2012
la sieste nuit des musées, Eu, 2012
L'envol, module 1: pré-visions du ciel, 24e Instants Vidéo, Marseille, 2011
l'autre côté et la sieste, 2e festival espacetemporaire, Genève, 2011
la sieste on the giant screen of Zuid, Amsterdam, 2010-2011
l'autre côté, 22e Instants Vidéo, Marseille, 2009
Entre deux, 20e Instants Vidéo, Marseille, 2007
1 + 1 sur le fil, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Strasbourg, 2006

Les Editions du réel
26 boulevard du nord
13012 Marseille
T. 04 88 04 55 13

Cité des Associations b258
93 La Canebière
13233 Marseille cedex 20