EDITO 2013

Making a movie without any scenario and without any actor presents advantages. It's useless to seem real and to embarrass oneself with a narrative schema without which we would lose the track. No need of the “suspension of disbelief”, operation described by Samuel Taylor Coleridge consisting in accepting as reality what is revealing of an imaginary fact. You take the camera and you film. It's pretty easy even it's not a proof of liberty. It's no more necessary to use huge resources. It's not going against fiction to turn toward others forms of representation but rather to know that the image's language can translate our emotions, sensations, our individual stories or our collective History. Because this is indeed what it is all about: to represent our self, us, humans beings. Or how the image makes sens.
For its 13th edition the Image Contre Nature, international festival of experimental video, will present from the July 9th 2013 to the 13th, at the Théâtre des Chartreux, more than 100 movies, from 22 countries. Two cartes blanches will surround the 82 movies selected by the festival and the à la carte video library. The first will be entrusted to the collective 360° et même plus at the occasion of the festival opening while the second will invite the collectif negatif to close it. To interrogate the multiple forms of images and to offer a very diversified esthetic confrontation, an exhibition, two installations, a concert, and also jugglery will also revolve around the week of projections.
For the festival opening/for the opening of the festival, Wednesday Jully 9th, carte blanche to the collective 360° et même plus who will offer, from 8:30 P.M., three of their movies, subjects to resistance and fighting. Then, from Wednesday July 9th to 12th from 5 P.M., the 82 movies of the selection will be highlighted and shared out in 7 programs : Space, Identity, Long, Move, Perception, Sens and Time all defined to provide this film's reflexion around image, dear to the festival. Only the long program won't be projected twice. Since 3 to 5 PM, Wensday 10th and Tuesday 11th, all the not selected movies will be accessible on request by means of the à la carte video library. A second carte blanche will be entrusted to the “collectif negatif” which will close the festival on July 13th from 8:30 P.M. presenting us 15 movies of deep significance as much as social and/than esthetic. Other events linked to the festival will be added to the projections. At this moment and until Monday June 24th, Daniel Roth exhibits PyrametisB, an installation interrogating the language in every forms by means/through a video, drawing and painting. From Sunday July 9th at 6:30 P.M. (time of the preview) he will present us Mises en vue, exhibition confronting this time the memory's architecture and conversely. Then on July 5th at 6:30 P.M. will take place the preview of Traversée 576, installation of Laurence Rebouillon inviting us to view and recompose a movie about street, movement, looks, to make us travel at the Ex Nihilo company's step rhythm, all this on the handlebar of a motorbike. The multiple influences band Jazz Quartet will transport us on Sunday 9th at 6:30 P.M. with their jazz improvisations. Finally, to end with a flourish, Saturday 13th, Le Cri du feu, show of the Equivog company, will illuminate, from 10:30 P.M., the last night of the festival, thanks to an highly colored character armed with his inflamed bolas.
H.B. & M.B.