INSTALLATION Espaceculture 2013
Pyrametis B by Daniel Roth
between June 1 and June 24, 2013, 10h to 18h45 except Sunday
May 31, 2013, 18h30
varnishing Day with an improvisation by Zaj Quartet
Espaceculture 42 la Canebière / 13001 Marseille tel. 33 4 96 11 04 60

Pyrametis B
An installation that implements video, painting and drawing under the common denominator of language. Indeed, there is a story in this installation which leads us from Ovid's lines to the video's image (D. Roth).

Daniel Roth
Born in 1958
First noticed for his paintings in the early 80 by Jennifer Fly at an exhibition organized by Ben Vautier in Nice, then at an exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of Strasbourg in 1985, his work was also presented several times at the FIAC in 1983, 84 and 85. In 1986, he awarded the Monbusho scholarship that will allow him to live and work for 3 years in Japan (Kyoto-Tokyo). Taking advantage of this new scenery, his work focuses then to sculpture and installation that will be showen at several exhibitions throughout Japan between 1986 and 89. Back in France, Daniel Roth will preserve this essential link between his work and travelling which always renewed an inspiration expressed through a thematic of tracks and displacement. During his last exhibition in 2011 at the Passage de l’Art in Marseille, the writer and art critic Emmanuel Loi wrote: "Daniel Roth shows us the stages of transformation - you can climb or stand by, the undecidable is s not sellable - he invites us into his studio to attend a work in progress, at the same time how things are coming to him, how they seize, barely formed, to modulation. Prints and drawings are part of the ongoing process : Showing them, associate them means take into account the waiting of the visitor and thwart it. ".... " We are obviously here in the avant-garde tradition: supposed to be in the studio, close to the artist, almost in his head, we collect items or diagrams (photos, drawings, sculptures, sound) being auxiliaries . Differences and routing are not readable iterms of a binomial denounciation fission - agglomeration. If we fill up the gap too fast, we exhausts the translational movement. To appreciate the work, it is advisable not to rush too fast in order to see. A pattern of breakpoints. Because of no idealization there, less of enthusiasm for formatting and selling charms. The topography of destitution which is arranged don’t leaves any place for the struts. The handsaw of the ego does not sing. The material ity dominates, somehow it is the work of a materialist who reminds us that every image has its shroud."
This presentation would not be complete if we did not also take into account the musical work of Daniel Roth, focused on the notion of improvisation in jazz which he develops with the group Zaj Quartet. The exhibition of 2011 "E.C.H.O" developed precisely the permanent interaction of image and sound: "The work on sound haunts Daniel Roth, he uses membranes speakers like hyperbolse, strange neutral buttons from where labial whispers , leakedwords and waterfals come outl. He especially does not want to idealize, to add sense. No, the sound sculpture breaks small the little advantages that a too fast visit might suggest." (E. Law, JSO, Spring 2011)

Zaj Quartet
Zaj Quartet created by Dan Roth in 2010, combines talents and originality of 4 musicians who already have a long race in the universe of Jazz and improvization. The creations of Zaj Quartet results from a common approach for the place of improvization in jazz as live music. Improvizations by Zaj Quartet leads to a kind of spontaneous compositions, including in jazz music various references as : jazz, classic, traditional, contemporary musics, beyond the cleavages of style. But what really makes the musical vitality of Zaj Quartet is first of all how it keeps this first breath of all musics: improvization. What emanates from Zaj Quartet's music is a kind of musical alchemy mixed with a sound creativity which also gives a good place to the harmony even to the melody.
Dan Roth : saxophones, bass clarinet
Christian Brazier : bass
Fabien Leroy : battery
René Perez Zapata : piano
video : Isabelle Schneider