July 9, 2013
18h30 varnishing Day exhibition Mises en vue de Daniel Roth & concert Zaj Quartet
20h30 programme 360° et même plus (first part)
21h30 intermission
22h30 programme 360° et même plus (second part)
Théâtre des Chartreux 105, avenue des Chartreux / 13004 Marseille tel. 33 4 91 50 18 90

18h30 varnishing Day exhibition Mises en vue de Daniel Roth & concert Zaj Quartet
Exhibition Mises en vue by Daniel Roth --> théâtre des chartreux

Concert Zaj Quartet
Zaj Quartet created by Dan Roth in 2010, combines talents and originality of 4 musicians who already have a long race in the universe of Jazz and improvization. The creations of Zaj Quartet results from a common approach for the place of improvization in jazz as live music. Improvizations by Zaj Quartet leads to a kind of spontaneous compositions, including in jazz music various references as : jazz, classic, traditional, contemporary musics, beyond the cleavages of style. But what really makes the musical vitality of Zaj Quartet is first of all how it keeps this first breath of all musics: improvization. What emanates from Zaj Quartet's music is a kind of musical alchemy mixed with a sound creativity which also gives a good place to the harmony even to the melody.
Dan Roth : saxophones, bass clarinet
Christian Brazier : bass
Fabien Leroy : battery
René Perez Zapata : piano
video : Isabelle Schneider

programme 360° et même plus
From the Fukushima disaster to struggles against homo, lesbo and trans phobias, from newsreels to an experimental work in progress, we have knitted together political and sensitive scopes, in the social field as well as in the nuclear garden. In these films, we are offering glimpses of the period we are living through, with its flaws, its stench of fascism but also with its great hopes of social change.

20h30 programme 360° et même plus (first part)
ECCE HOMO a newsreel by Agathe Dreyfus, Christine Gabory, Ivora Cusack
(2013 – 26min – HD video)
On Saturday November 17, 2012 in Marseilles, opponents of "marriage for all" assemble to demonstrate against Taubira’s bill. Counter-demonstrators decide to crash the event...
DON’T BE AFRAID! a newsreel by Christine Gabory, Agathe Dreyfus, Ivora Cusack
(2013 – 10min – HD video)
On December 16, 2012 in Paris, supporters of "marriage for all" are marching on the streets…

22h30 programme 360° et même plus (second part)
GARDEN CESIUM (Work in progress) Experimental documentary in progress by Christine Gabory From the tsunami and nuclear accident of Fukushima-Daishi of March 2011, this film project questions the moving boundaries between reality and fiction, illusions, fears, collective traumas, and our dangerous capacity to adapt as well as our permeability to believe… and to forget.
[Each screening will be followed by a discussion]

360° et même plus
The 360° et même plus film collective was founded in 2005 in Marseilles, France. It produces and distributes documentary or experimental films with a social and political edge. Embracing the lightness of direct cinema in its sensitivity and reactiveness to current events, the collective’s filmmakers opt for the least constraining production processes while working towards cooperative financial sustainability. In its approach to filmmaking and distribution, it positions itself at the margins of the film and television industries.
360° et même plus also works on transmitting its practice (video workshops), curates screenings (Hors Cases cycles) and collaborates artistically and technically on other projects (picture and sound editing, graphic design…).