EDITO 2018

The 18th edition of Images Contre Nature takes place under the arcana of magic, dance and music. "To shot the trance", a program conceived with the festival Les Inattendus will open. Are summoned, spirits, tarantula, vibrations, liberty, gods and devils. The experience is intended to being immersive. Here, this phenomenon is approached as much from the point of view of the documentary as of the experimental, to account for this state of exaltation closer to the sensations and movements he provokes. This set of films is anchored in history and yet exceeds the ethnographic framework. He is a reflection of the work done by Les Inattendus of Lyon who works for visibility and recognition of a (very) independent cinema.
During the Closing Night, the mage of Marsal will be invited on the screen of Videodrome 2. "2:13 PM and Damien Schultz, cinéconcert on Matkormano" will be presented in first part of the evening. In November 1968, a dark the case of missing children makes sensation. The father, Maurice Gérard says Matkormano, doctor ès sciences by the psychosomatic and chalogical cultural section of the Thebaid order states to the gendarmes that the kidnappers were primarily intended to steal a talking statuette. Enticing, film and performance plunge into the meanders of an extraordinary thought and an extraordinary place, the Matkormano Ashram.
In the second part, a Movies Jukebox will ignite the body with a Kino Limo dedicated to Afro-American music in the cinema: blues, jazz, soul, bossa nova ... by Muriel Lefebvre, Derek Woolfenden and Guillaume Lebourg, film clips and artistic interventions will punctuate this performance, to awakening the dead and making the living smile. The magic will be white. There will be to seeing, singing and finishing in style this evening a programmation realised with the complicity of MUFF and Videodrome 2. Finally, as every year, the festival offers 8 selection programs: time, space, perception, movement, sense, identity, long and animated. The most varied subjects and the most diverse treatments will be screened. 83 films will be presented for 83 authors from 26 countries. In general, the presence of found-footage is important. Also emerges the question of "I" and otherness, of the description of a reality where the place of the one who looks like the one who is watched is played out. The festival is organized by P'Silo. The entrance is at free price.