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Friday July 6, 21h
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21h, first part, 5 films - 64mn

first part, 6 films - 64mn

sadescription ABATTOIR
14mn50   color   stereo   2017   South Africa
by Steven Cohen
The performance artwork for camera, Abattoir, was made in direct response to the death of my life-partner Elu Kieser. Elu and I met in 1997, fell in love and shared our everything for the next 20 years. We loved beyond words, we lived and worked together, we fused.
distribution : HEURE EXQUISE !

sadescription ab ovo
24mn   color   stereo   2017   Italy
by Luca Ferri
In a desert and hostile paradise, between mountains of sand and solitary camels in perpetual journey, life is renewed with a promise of love in the shade of a lone tree. adam and eve have a chance. the last chance to heal and create a new progeny of more decent human beings. nine long takes in super 8mm colour in which we took adam and eve and had them redo everything over again, from the scratch.
production : enecefilm
distribution : italian short film center

sadescription These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
2mn41   color   stereo   2017   United Kingdom
by Eden Mitsenmacher & Rebecca Tritschler
These Boots are made for walking poses a showy, theatrical quandary. As this is a particularly pertinent moment to examine the song in relation to its sexual politics and use as a protest song (These Boots are Made for Marching). A collaboration between Eden Mitsenmacher and Rebecca Tritschler undermines the idea of the archetypal "feisty woman scorned" protagonist with wit and pulsating udder- like toes.

sadescription Hyperwestern cowboy
6mn33   color   stereo   2018   Switzerland
by France Gall
France Gall (the director) decides to shoot a cowboy movie.

sadescription le rêve de la pêcheuse
13mn23   color   stereo   2017   France
by Samuel Bester
Film inspired by the 1814 print of Hokusai called The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife (蛸と ) itself inspired by the tale of Princesse Tamatori. This work is part of the shunga (erotic art book) Kinoe No Komatsu which describes the misadventures of a girl diver defying a king dragon, god of the sea, to recover a stolen jewel. From this tragic tale, Hokusai offers a very eroticized vision where the monster is protected by undertaking octopuses seduced by the princess. This video uses data moshing to mix bodies and textures in an underwater arabesque saturated with colors.
distribution : HEURE EXQUISE !

23h, second part, 1 film - 60mn

sadescription Moi autobiographie 16 eme version
57mn   color   dolby   2016   France
by Pierre Merejkowsky & Jo Béranger
Power to the reel.
production : lardux
distribution : Les Mutins de Pangée