EXPOSITION Espaceculture 2010
Dolly Dolly
visual chronicle of the festival
Espaceculture - between June 29 and August 21, 10h to 18h45, except Sunday
varnishing June 29, 18h
Espaceculture 42 la Canebière / 13001 Marseille tel. 04 96 11 04 85

The Images Contre Nature festival chronicles, are, originally, a radiophonic series of six episodes, created hand in hand with Radio Grenouille who play them on the airwaves in July at the same time as the festival. In 2010, Desmond "the demon" is the subject of these chronicles with, additionally, the exhibition of his "souvenirs" at the Espaceculture. This story is a farce. It is macabre, lugubrious and inspired by gore cinema as in the Grand Guignol with the critical and outrageous dimensions therein : an interrogation of our moral values with a big bucket of hemoglobin, with strident sounds and excessive detail; an infernal panoply not unsuited to Jéröme Bosch's representation in his time. The chronicles are a satire. They jeer at the propensity of our society to quantify happiness. Desmond wants to know it, what could be more natural? The audio side of the tale illustrates the most terrifying facet. In "contrario", the visual side shows a lighter version, a sort of Spinal horror image. To bring this into being, the association called upon the artists who's work has been exposed over the last ten years.
Ivora Cusack, Nin Bek, Agathe Dreyfus, Véronique Duhaut, Christine Gabory, Jean-Luc Gergonne, Winnie j., Alain Joule, Xavier Moreno, Jean-Paul Noguès, Isabelle Schneider, Emmanuelle Sarrouy, Valérie Sarrouy, Olivier de Sépibus, Reine Taëvran. Through their contribution (or not) to this masquerade, they mark a joyous step back in time and celebrate an anniversary.

"Desmond" tells himself stories daily . Particularly when he's working. To earn his living, he makes at home small pieces of jewelry and cloth flowers, meticulously recreating sets of cheap rubbish and pale roses trimmed with crimson... Now fifty years old, he harps on : "I love this chick yellow v-neck vest. Diamond shapes appear with the cable stitch. I wear it to visit my old mum, to resume our perpetual discussions and I have to always make her see reason. She goes of the rails if you see what I mean? She's scatter-brained. So I get annoyed and then I explode, me, the gentlest of sons !!! She is not the center of the world, she does what she wants, she is always sick. I don't want to talk about it any more. I'm going to tidy my things. I AM GOING TO ATTEND TO MY OWN BUSINESS because I have enough to do with my dreams. I work. I consecrate MY time. I escape from the pollution that every one else is stuck in, because I'm somebody I am, Sir. My vest is pretty. the v-neck with wide bands. They don't make this colour any more."
Desmond has an ideal. Ten years ago , the absence of sound in his apartment kicked of this internal movement. He started by walking in gardens and visiting museums ; he who never went out, so absorbed was he by his duty to his aging parents. These having disappeared, Desmond had the idea of recomposing a family. As nobody paid any attention to this desire, he had to resort to drastic measures.
From now on he takes by force that which lie refuses him : tender parents, a wife, preferably a red-head and a pretty little girl. Blood flows like water. Carefully conserved in jars, souvenirs of his victims line up on the shelves.