EXPOSITION Théâtre des Chartreux 2010
NoPøstcard by Photomobiles
between July 13 and July 30, 14h to 18h, except the weekend
varnishing July 13, 18h30
Théâtre des Chartreux 105, avenue des Chartreux / 13004 Marseille tel. 04 91 50 18 90

Everyone is trying to get a real great Brand Image: firms, institutions, products... it's becoming like a festival of bizarreness... it would be so sad not to take part too ! So the group "Photomobiles" is on the starting line for the Challenge : get THE Marseille postcard you would never see anywhere else, a run between the gold Maria up on the church Notre dame de la Garde, and the old harbour : "le vieux port". Naturally all the traps you can't imagine are on the tour: strange weather, grumpy faces, odd places are on the way to the cliché and his backside. At this game none of our photographers came to THE photo without tearing some hair out or biting nails to the core! The best - or the worst ?- moments of these runs are presented in the hall of the Chartreux Theater during the Festival "Images Contre Nature".

But who are The Photomobiles ? A dozen of eccentrics convinced of the possibility of thinking or/and killing oneself laughing with photographs. Be careful ! These dangerous activists in passing trap places with expositions, and block others with happenings. Serious neurological after effects (subversion, disobedience, irritation of the zygomatic nerve, over-heating of the brain ) can result from these strange frequentations.
Those having committed the offence of exhibiting at the Chartreux Theater :Philippe Auréglia, Yansee Bailly, Claude Aymon, Eric Brunel, Béatrice Toulouse.