View from top of the balcony that overlooks passersby and cars, life seems peaceful. The perspective is clear, open on a place where the trees cover of green. A Space very 19th, neither tall nor short, lined with bars and small shops. The modesty of the premises is coupled with a big moving. Many people meet, especially under the balcony, and many pedestrians take advantage of the reduction of the road to only one lane. Everyone walk in the shortest road. In a few steps, we pass from the bar-tabac to the bakery, from the newsagent's to food, from the butcher with their fresh pasta. The traffic slows again because of the priorities and the two corners. Some retain their stride but most people does not care the drivers. They walk in their thoughts. That could be dangerous. It is not. It's great cinema.
Le festival Images Contre Nature will take place between 12 and 16 juillet in Marseille at Théâtre des Chartreux, with six programs of selection, four the card cartes blanches during the Opening Night and the Closing Night, a videolibrary "à la carte". And an Envening Night for the program Long; July 8 at Circuit-Court. Since 2006, the festival includes six programs: space, identity, movement, perception, sense and time. These different notions accompany a questioning of the language of image-its form its ability to provide meaning and emotions, and enable the selection of a wide variety of films. The seventh program called "long program" is a part of the same reflection process. It has the distinction of being built around a medium-length film, the other programs are more oriented around the short -and the program long will be in two parts. The other six programs will be screened twice between 13 and 16 July.
In all, 81 films [from 18 countries] are selected from 311 registered films [from 37 countries].
A videolibrary "à la carte" give the possibility to screen in the same condition then the selection the non selected films. A special time for meetings and discussions, opened before the screening of the programs, from 15h to 17h. During the festival, the video library P'Silo, 1022 archiving selected as experimental videos from the different editions, will open at the Videodrome.
July 12 The Opening Night, within the first part, the FixC Cooperative (Helsinki), in the second part, the Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Paris). The Collectif Jeune Cinéma will be also honored during the Closing Night, preceded by the film «Zone Portuaire» by Emmanuel Vigne and Julien Chesnel.
"Fixation 2011" of FixC Cooperative will provide an overview of his work as producer and distributor of video art, media art and experimental cinema.
In both programs, "A continuous beginning" and "Documenting?" The Collectif Jeune Cinema will present works drawn from his rich catalog of movies. This association, the oldest French cooperatives, is celebrating its fortieth anniversary in 2011. On this occasion, other programs will be visible again in September at the Centre Pompidou and December during the Festival des Cinémas Différents.
"Zone Portuaire" by Emmanuel Vigne and Julien Chesnel plunge us into a century of history of the Port of Marseille where the archival images, devoid of comments reflect only the activity of men.
The events of the festival consists this year of installations and performances, that can be seen in different locations in Marseille between June 1 and July 17, and a radio drama.
At the Espaceculture then at the Theatre des Chartreux, Frank Gatti will present "Low Lux & Super Lux" a video installation turned towards the sun, unfolding according to its various ramifications guests: Laurence Denimal Stephane Nowak Papantoniou and Angel Rosa Berr.
On Radio Grenouille, it will be possible to listen the adventures of mechanical sheep class UGC / UGS in "The Be War" a radio serial in six episodes by Ange Rosa Berr and Tony Regnauld.
At Art\Positions, the FixC Cooperative presents "Fixation 2011" in the form of installations and performances.
Finally, at grands terrains, Suzel Roche revisits with «1/25ème et plus» the work done in one of its realizations, following the proposition "the possibles of the projected image" made by labelmarseille.