Moutborg Suspicion : The Be War
between July 11 and July 16, 9h15, 16h15, 23h30
Radio Grenouille 88.8
Listen to the audio chronicles of the festival Moutborg Suspicion : The Be War
day 1    day 2    day 3    day 4    day 5    day 6
by P'Silo and Co Equivog Théâtre d'Aventure, written by Ange Rosa Berr, with Duchesse D., Mike Reveau Peiffer, Éric Brunel & Ange Rosa Berr, editing Ange Rosa Berr & Tony Regnauld.

The Images Contre Nature festival chronicles, are, originally, a radiophonic series of six episodes, created hand in hand with Radio Grenouille who play them on the airwaves in July at the same time as the festival.
"The moutborg is a mechanical sheep, class UGC / UGS, originally designed to monitor Iceland. With artificial intelligence, it also features an abstract thought. An unplanned developments which develops on the only data available to the moutborg, those of the CIA and MSS, its creators. Ah Ah Ah Frankenstein." Ange Rosa Berr