INSTALLATION Art\Positions 2011
Fixation 2011 by the FixC (Helsinki)
between July 12 and July 16, 15h to 19h
varnishing day with performances by the FixC July 11, 18h30
Art\Positions 36, rue d'Aubagne / 13001 Marseille tel. (33) (0)4 91 04 07 23

Fixation 2011
In psychology fixation means the state where the individual develops obsessions in relation to some body or something. It can also mean gestures like maintaining the gaze in the constant direction, repetition and /or rituals. In the exhibition there is a set of works in which the artists have built circuits and loops and cyclic motions which show the phenomena of the natural or manufactured world.

Horizon For TV by Jarkko Räsänen
Comprising a television set and an upside-down VHS camera, the installation creates an endless real-time continuum. The technical properties of the equipment generate a horizon on themonitor which also reacts to the audience.
The Hare and The Turtle by Juha van Ingen
A interpretation of the famous fable by Aesop where competition is under scrutiny. The two video loops are animations made of still images of a tree and a rock. In the other loop the tree is the centre of focus in the other loop it is the rock.
Tuli, Vesi, Maa, Ilma by Seppo Renvall
16mm pinhole film accompanied by a improvised poem by Jouni Tommola (english subtitles).
One Form of Socializing by Kari Yli-Annala
An attempt to communicate with the universe, by transforming itself into a transmitter and sending the inviting message to one of its endless spots.
Foam head by Maria Duncker
A swinging horizon behind a window full of raindrops accompanied with a mellow sound.

Electroacustic improvisations by Jarkko Räsänen
Jarkko Räsänen plays electroacoustic improvisations.
Natu Mama by Maria Duncker, assisted by Seppo Renvall
A video projection of dancing trees with natural camouflage is accompanied by a drum and guitar solo - c.a. 25 minutes.
PERFORMANCE (DIY live Art) by Juha van Ingen and musicians or poets from Marseilles
The participant (or several participants at the same time) freely interpretate (by talking,  singing or playing a musical instrument etc.) a projected video with a rhythmic looped soundtrack. The video has no subtitles only a bar where you can see when the video starts and  ends. The participant(s) has a choice of four different videos: Road, House, Love and Work.
VJ set by Jarkko Räsänen

FixC Helsinki-based FixC is an independent artists' co-operative launched in April 2007. We generate, distribute and promote video art, media art and experimental cinema and produce curated touring exhibitions, arrange screenings, installation exhibitions, live performances and other special venues. Many of the works in distribution have been featured in prominent international exhibitions, screening arenas and events around the world. Our goal is to create a living network between individual artists and organisations. Although we mainly promote our member artists' works, we also invite other artists to participate in our projects. We founded FixC because we felt that traditional channels were no longer able to react effectively to the changing situation in art distribution. The situation called for independent action and initiative from the artists themselves : new methods of organizing, improved strategies and tactics. We took on this challenge by establishing the FixC co-operative.
FixC Cooperative PL 39 FI-00921 Helsinki Finlande

36, rue d’Aubagne 13001 Marseille
tel. : (33) (0)4 91 04 07 23
Daniel Roth
Artistic Director