July 12
20h30 program Fixation 2011 by FixC (Helsinki)
22h program A continuous beginning by Collectif Jeune Cinéma
Théâtre des Chartreux 105, avenue des Chartreux / 13004 Marseille tel. (33)(0)4 91 50 18 90

20h30 program Fixation 2011 by FixC - 44mn
In psychology fixation means the state where the individual develops obsessions in relation to some body or something. It can also mean gestures like maintaining the gaze in the constant direction, repetition and /or rituals. The Fixation screening is a brief journey through the diverse worlds of moving image. The works are made by artists from FixC cooperative.

Flutter by Juha van Ingen
Finland, 3'31, 2009
The images of tropical butterflies are accompanied by a low-frequency out-of sync fluttering sound. Original Super 8 film images are transferred to digital video.
Exotique by Seppo Renvall
Finland, 9', 2009
A poetic voyage through everyday life, where the flow of images of low-key architectonic details, fragmentary glimpses of passers-by, and a play of shadow and light over bare walls or unmade beds is accompanied by Zape Leppänen's music.
The Holy Road by Maria Duncker
Finland, 2'19, 2009
Hymns came out when I was teaching myself to play the harmonium in a freely improvisational way some ten years ago. And they still come. Other things that I've done for a long time are sewing « multi-national costumes » out of plastic bags and experimenting with camera obscura.
A Life of Ones Own by Kari Yli-Annala
Finland, 9', 2008
A Life of One's Own is an original novella film that mixes the horror story tradition of the romantic era with a science fiction framework, telling the tale with images processed close to abstraction.
Bloom by Maria Duncker
Finland, 4'06, 2006
Bloom is a small effort to reach heavenly feelings by diving into a cherry tree in bloom. Music : Tuomo Puranen.
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni by Jarkko Räsänen
Finland, 5mn10, 2011
The video shows jpeg compression decay of images (jpegs) about famous book burnings, found from internet. The same jpeg image is re-copied hundreds of times, until the « skeleton » of jpeg images becomes visible. This skeleton image contains the minimum amount of information to present an image according to jpeg algorithm. The soundtrack consists of « silence » from vinyl record that does not contain any sound information.
Vantaa by Erkk Nissinen
Finland, 11mn50, 2008
A musical journey.

Helsinki-based FixC is an independent artists' co-operative launched in April 2007. We generate, distribute and promote video art, media art and experimental cinema and produce curated touring exhibitions, arrange screenings, installation exhibitions, live performances and other special venues. Many of the works in distribution have been featured in prominent international exhibitions, screening arenas and events around the world. Our goal is to create a living network between individual artists and organisations. Although we mainly promote our member artists' works, we also invite other artists to participate in our projects. We founded FixC because we felt that traditional channels were no longer able to react effectively to the changing situation in art distribution. The situation called for independent action and initiative from the artists themselves : new methods of organizing, improved strategies and tactics. We took on this challenge by establishing the FixC co-operative.
FixC Cooperative PL 39 FI-00921 Helsinki Finland

22h program A continuous beginning by Collectif jeune Cinéma - 67mn
A run from the 70s until the beginning of 2000: forms, rhythms and textures continuously shattered.

LE CERVEAU GRATINÉ DE PUPILIJA FEREVEK (Gratinirani možg ani Pupilije Ferkeverk) by Karpo Godina
Yougoslavia, 1970, 12', coul, stereo
In modern society men’s fashion becomes more attractive and more important than women’s. Traditionally expected to display seriousness and productive discipline, men are made frivolous by consumer society.
FLUX RE FLUX by Christian Lebrat
France, 1981, 9'30, coul, stereo
A city, its crowds; crowds processed on film then transferred to video. I used a technique particular to video to manipulate a vertical section of the image sideways, changing both its shape and color density. Each operation was repeated a number of times, in a series of consecutive incrustations. The final image was achieved in a few hours, entirely by hand (or, more precisely, by hands), like an impromptu musical improvisation. The rhythm, the flux of the city confronted with video's scanning composition and compression. (Christian Lebrat, 1982)
USA, 1981, 14', coul, stereo
A simple meal of meticulously photographed ingredients with gruesome close-ups.
I MOTION by Rozenn Nobilet
UK, 1995, 7', n/b, stereo

A rhythmic film exploring the cinematic mechanism through the human body in action in order to lead us to the life cycle.
IN MEMORIAM by Jorge Cosmen
Spain, 1999, 4', b/w colored, stereo
In Memoriam is a gloomy, intimate and scriptless - like life itself - visual poem born of a love disappointment. Motion painting, introspective photography and the closing of a personal episode, it is a game of images in which abstractness enters the sensible reality of body and vice versa. In its dark journey from the brain to the heart there is no logic. It is a requiem for someone that doesn't already exists - as I remember her - that may be just lived in my memory and that now lives shrouded in these images. As it was being made, the method used was more in common with the development of a painting or a poem, in which time and chance influence in many ways. (...) The influence of the "cineplastica" and the first avant-gardes is a constant of the work.
SPRING ROLL by Zapruder Group
Italy, 2001, 20', coul, stereo
'A' goes into the apartment where 'B' is sleeping after taking a shower... Study of the big malaise of the domicile horror. Reasons of this malaise. Progressive increase of the illness and ending disaster... Spring Roll is the first study on the uneasiness. It is clear that this doesn't concern only the human beings in their apartments, but the fact of living the scene, of being facing the camera (in front of it). A study of the actor and of the exposed space.

Collectif Jeune Cinéma
Collectif Jeune Cinéma (CJC), founded in 1971, has been the first French co-op of different and experimental cinema and works for diffusion and promotion of experimental practices of image and film.
CJC activities are developed through different areas:
- The organization of Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas, a yearly international event entirely dedicated to different and experimental cinema. Next December its 13rd edition will take place at Les Voûtes from 6th to 11th;
- The distribution of CJC's catalogue - more than 900 titles - to international institutions, museums, festivals and programmers, for non-commercial diffusions;
- The promotion of experimental practices of image and sound through workshops and films support during the screenings;
- All the year the programmation and the presentation of monthly screenings at La Clef theater in Paris.
In 2011 Collectif Jeune Cinéma celebrates its 40th anniversary with several events that will allow a run on our history and films collection.
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