EDITO 2016

Children play and laugh and dip their feet into a small round pool under the hot sun of June. Promise of joy. Children drown in the Mediterranean and their bodies do not reach the shores. There is more promise. This year a large number of received films by the festival tell this splits, trying topographies and confront the parallel realities of our lives. It is gay and sad and it's neither gay nor sad, all at once without being mixed. The colors are bright and always deep blacks. And if melancholy creeps, raising the heart of a secret sorrow, he does that an invigorating wind breath, those which clean the ears, which are stealing hats and wigs, to dehorning cattle.
For this 16th edition, the festival turns to its origins and offers, during Opening and Closing Nights, two programs honoring great name of experimental film. Under the leadership and with the complicity of the Videodrome 2's team, this rich heritage is revisited in terms of emotion, feeling happy and kept in memory.
Entitled Tribute to Mekas, the Opening Night will take place on July 6, 21h.
With Lloyd Michael Williams, Jonas Mekas is one of the last living founder of the Film-Makers' Cooperative, the first non-capitalist broadcaster of independent and experimental cinema, created in 1962. A true model for both economic, social and artistic, many other cooperatives will be established in its wake. In France, Collectif jeune Cinéma, Cinédoc Paris Films Coop and Light Cone will open between 1971 and 1982. In these three structures still active today add a lot of creation, training and dissemination of independent laboratory to festival associations. It is a happy tribute, because the Jonas Mekas's films are happy.
During The Closing Night the title "encore, en corps" will be invited Germaine Dulac, Kenneth Anger, Maya Deren, Pat O'Neill, Willard Maas, Stan Brakhage and Shirley Clarke. It will take place on 10 July, 21h.
Germaine Dulac founded in 1927, the newspaper Schemes which only one issue will appear. She leads a similar revolution to that undertaken in the pictorial field, no longer comply with the narration. "Lines, surfaces, volumes evolving directly without artifice of evocation, in the logic of their forms, stripped of all too human meaning to better rise to abstraction and give more space to feelings and dreams: THE INTEGRAL CINEMA ". Beyond the different aesthetic trends that follow, the affirmation of a specific language to the image shakes up the usual cinematic standards. A freedom in which rush the shimmering, dreamlike visions of Kenneth Anger, the precision fixtures of Maya Deren, the troubling and lush forms of Pat O'Neill, the elegance and humor of Willard Mass, the remarkable Stan Brakhage and the vitality of the attachment Shirley Clarke was the gesture of beasts and men.
On the eight breeding programs, seven of them will be broadcast twice over five days during the festival, from July 6 to 10.
No competition, no price.
The selection programs are eight. 93 films, short to medium length will be screened. From one year to another, program titles do not change: Time, Space, Movement, Perception, Sense, Identity, Long, Animated. The first of these words are nouns. The latter is not. But all have the same role, seeing the films in a critical perspective and realizing the selection work. These titles are used as terminals and understanding line. They transmit a way of looking at the given moment. They articulate the films so that they retain their rhythms and treatment independence during the programs. They are useful to highlight the formal treatment.
Designations Time, Space, Movement and Perception correspond plan period, framing, editing rhythm and retinal phenomenon. The program Sense introduced the verb with a poetic dimension or critical about the aesthetic or the political. Identity turns to the visual arts, the device and the body predominate. Long program is literal for longer films. Finally, created this year, the program Animated for films to young audiences. The word "animated" refers as much to the art of animation at the thought of life, wealth and saturation. It's no movies only for children, especially as these films can easily be inserted into other programs, but they are accessible without restriction.