Lices - June 30,17h30 - 64mn
Collectif Jeune Cinéma is the cooperative of distribution and difusion of the differents and experimental cinemas which receives in deposit films and videos. The price of rent is fixed by the depositors who perceive 70 % of it. The catalog contains a " historic collection” of hundred film-makers with about 200 works, The Festival of Cinemas Differents in Paris it is the occasion to testify of the contemporary creative run-up and to show an exhibition of so foreign but essentially French films and videos. " Thursdays Cinemas Different from the Collective "every Thursday, the CJC presents the films of its catalog, and films or videos of invited authors.
Collectif Jeune Cinéma
11, rue Carpeaux - 75018 Paris - France
tel. : 33 1 44 85 00 72
Sentimental Journey
Tony Wu & Georges Hsin Taiwan 10mn 2003 miniDV
A Rosed
Carole Contant France 5mn 2003 Super8 > miniDV
Il n'y a rien de plus inutile qu'un organe
Augustin Gimel France 9mn 1999 miniDV
Egbert Mittelstädt Germany 3mn35 2002 miniDV
Vivantes Lueurs
Pierre-Yves Cruaud France 10mn 2003 miniDV
Gérard Cairaschi France 6mn34 2004 miniDV
Hugo Verlinde France 13mn 1999 miniDV
Fermo del Tempo
Mauro Santini Italy 7mn30 2003 miniDV

Lices - July 1, 16h - 60mn
Founded in 1997, Les inattendus is a biennial film festival. We screen original and independantly produced works which do not conform to prevailing TV and cinema standards. There is no set theme and films of all lenghts, format and genrea are accepted.
For the 4th edition in January 2004 130 fims were shown. We also ran a series of workshop on alternatives in cinema and audiovisual production and distribution.
Les Inattendus
B.P. 1117 - 18, rue des Capucins - 69202 Lyon cedex 01
tel./fax : 33 4 78 61 71 18
Pur fantôme
Sébastien Durand France 5mn38 2003 fiction VOF b/w miniDV
Monsters of time
Eunjung Hwang USA 2mn20 2002 animation experimentale DVD color without dialogue
La vie avec toi
Yves-Marie Mahe France 7mn 2003 experimental color 16mm > miniDV
Donkey Shot
Milena Bochet & Stefan Bohnenberger Belgium 45mn 2003 fiction VOF b/w

Lices - 2 juillet, 16h - 56mn
"Created in 1993, association Polly Maggoo works throughout the year with the diffusion of contemporary cinematographic creation, in the diversity of its artistic steps and its modes of production. The crossing of the kinds (documentary, experimental, test, fiction...),of the subjects (arts, sciences, policy, sociology...), of the durations (short, average, full-length film) and of the supports (video, film)are our principle, to make visible of the correspondences, to cause meetings, to engage the conversation." Serge Dentin & Sandrine Perrin
Association Polly Maggoo
26, Boulevard des Dames - BP 2499 -13217 Marseille cedex 02
tel./fax : 33 4 91 91 45 49
Marvelous Creatures
Wago Kreider USA 3mn20 2003 miniDV
Bernard Gigounon Belgium 6mn 2002 BetaSP
Cristaux liquides
Jean Painlevé France 7mn 1978 miniDV
Laikapark Épisode zéro
Benoît Forgeard France 11mn 2003 Beta
Carl Stevenson England 6mn 2003 Beta
Laetitia Bourget France 9mn 2001 video
Guillaume (ou la disparition des grains de beauté)
Paul Anders France 3mn 2003 DV
Maïder Fortuné France 7mn 2002
Papillon d'amour
Nicolas Provost Belgium 4mn 2003 Beta