July 3
19h Projection Retraite by Olivier de Sepibus & Habib Tengour
20h30 Spectacle “bis 01/cinéma pour l’oreille” by winnie j & jl.

19h Projection Retraite by Olivier de Sepibus & Habib Tengour

Photographs : Olivier de Sepibus
Text : Habib Tengour
Music : Ian Harris
Reading : Éric Leconte
A diaporama having for topic the retirement of the immigrants, the majority Algerian. After having worked all their life in France, they are today at the end of the lifetime in "between two banks"; Algeria nad France. A exercise of association of the image fixes at the sound and poetry which proposes Bruit d'image.
Bruit d’image association put on line a multi-media review of photographs in the Mediterranean : bruitdimage.com. This review presents work of photographer author in the multi-media shape of assembly, a heading interview, and a diary of photography. It has the role to be a vector of diffusion and promotion for the photographers of the Mediterranean circumference.
Bruit d’image
14, rue Puits du Denier - 13002 Marseille
tel. : 33 4 91 91 57 74

20h30 Spectacle “bis 01/cinéma pour l’oreille” par winnie j et jl.

Peeping Toms of the ear, we capture the richness, the bizzarery or the banality of sound landscapes familiar, intimate, from the detail to the General, the large plan to the great angle. We will be behind you, mixing domestic testimonys, noises, urban environments, confessions, laughter, discussions, arguments, in all genres.un genuine sound film on our intimacies, with all. We are winnie J and jl. alias naufragés volontaires Co.
Naufragés Volontaires Co
We are researchers multicartes touches with all. Our strange experiments rises an esthetics from the fall, error, saturated, of what one does not keep, slags. We currently collaborate with the Institute for young blind men and amblyopes the Arc in Sky of Marseilles, the Radio l’Éko des garrigues of Montpellier, the high school of Beaux-Arts of Nîmes.
We are winnie j et jl. alias naufragés volontaires Co.