EDITO 2004

The fourth edition of the International Festival of Experimental Video "Images Contre Nature" places itself under the sign of diversity.
200 videos have been received from four continents. 36 of them form the selection, divided into five programmes projected twice during the week - Space- Time - Perception - Movement - Senses. Out of a concern for equity , and in order to follow our reasoning regarding the designation of a film as experimental, a videoteque a la carte presents the non selected videos. They are not without quality but are at the origin even of the organisation of the programmes. We do not respond to the general order of competition.
More subject to controversy and less directive is to approach the image via the means of sensation, a particular sensation, that which we do not understand. De facto, the notions of pleasure and displeasure no longer suffice for the qualification of a work of art. If pleasure and displeasure are classed as invalid criteria then the community of sentiments disappears. The mimetic function vanishes. The film impresses against all expectation. The meanderings of the public no longer repose on contentment , but rather on stupefaction. We no longer talk of films but rather the starting point of films, something other than stories. Thus experimental works on the difference of ones regard. One behind the other the images construct objects to be interpreted. And more still, the erasing of the subject, inherent to identification and also illustration, leads to lack of differentiation. There is nothing that permits valuing any signification over another. The work is not limited by the environment of he who is watching it. This supposes a priori, a defeat. In practice this formal research results neither in an aesthetic or technical application ; it provokes delicate and subjective perceptions.
If the term "experimental" organises the selection, it also becomes a pretext for inviting other programmers, other art forms to complete or not the definition. Under the heading of "grey card" the F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign de Zurich, the Collectif Jeune Cinéma from Paris, les Inattendus from Lyon and Polly Maggoo from Marseille propose in counterpoint their programming. Winnie j and JL alias "naufragés volontaires co" will be giving cinema for the ear and presenting their installations.
The photographs of Olivier de Sépibus are to be seen on chair rail as well as projection, accompanied by the poetry of Habib Tengour and in collaboration with Ian Harris and Eric Leconte. Dance, with Julia Poggi, a complete visual and auditory interlacing. Nothing moves except the films. The festival will be held between the 29th of June and the 3rd of July at "Lices" at "Videodrome" and at the "Maison Orangina".