EDITO 2017

For 5 days, the 17th edition of the International Festival of Experimental Video Images Contre Nature will present films and performances.
Firstly, the selection: 84 films into 8 programs for 74 authors from 22 countries Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA. To their geographical diversity is added a variety of subjects and treatments. Although dry, the frogs come alive. The opaque veils are removed from the family secrets. Violence and war blend with the happy and colorful moments in which childhood often takes the lead. Delon likes Ronet. The animation mixes with the shots. Melancholy, madness, drugs, solar meanders and dark, introspection is meticulous, without taboo. Everything turns. The techniques are multiple, pixilation, light, painting or found-footage, a lot of found footage. An image recycling that is both critical and aesthetic that points the worst and plays the best..
Second, opening and closing. This year, we are partnering with Videodrome 2, the Tours Courts festival, Dodeskaden and the MUFF to embellish our programming. At the opening, the Scientific Corps / Fantastic Corps program concocted by the Tous Courts in 2004, will be re-broadcast. An astonishing and surprising mixture, a journey through the body, a distant and intimate observation of who we are. In closing, Dodeskaden, MUFF and Videodrome 2 will shake the codes: images and sounds combined in 3 performances with Xavier Quérel, Jean-Luc Gergonne, Cati Delolme, Lewis & Clovic. 16 mm projectors, songs, sounds, music and film jumping to play the cinema and provoke our imaginary..