July 7
20h30 Noli Me Tangere - 55mn
A shadow puppetry showbased on texts by DARIO FO, Mistero Buffo or Comic Mystery
with two puppetry actor.

Production : Compagnie Intermezzo
Direction, adaptation : Simon Cibasti
Technician : Simona Acerbi
Play and puppeteering : Simon Cibasti & Jean-Christophe Petit
Sets : Simon Cibasti
Set production : Simon Cibasti
Presentation of the show
Mistero Buffo means "grotesque show". It was invented by the people, as were puppets. Any play script will always have an author, but some creations, such as traditional puppet shows, do not. They are anonymous. And yet they have been created by someone, or rather by some people, over the centuries ; and the character, be it Guignol or Pulcinella (Punch), absorbs his creator. This is the universe which we are seeking to recreate: fairs and fetes, where the show becomes a game with the audience, who are invited along for the ride, as if on a ride at the fair.
The stage direction therefore draws its inspiration from this whole world of fairs and village fetes. The actors become smooth talkers and manipulators.
The starting point for the show is Dario Fo’s text. However this text has a strong historical context – the 1960s, the period of considerable social and industrial action. This whole period of history no longer exists. The situation has moved on and the pedagogical tone which the audience required is no longer needed.
The stage direction must bear in mind this evolution. Power will thus be embodied on stage by a puppet, which will be the opposite of life, that is, heavy. Heaviness and weightiness on one hand, lightness and flexibility on the other.
The history of humanity is all about this reconquest of lightness. The parable of this history, in other words, its summary, is the history of Jesus. He is the one who took this lightness to its extreme, even to the point of losing his body of heavy flesh, which he replaced by a body of light.
The show will be determined between these two forces: farce and mystery, the grotesque and the sacred.
And so we get back to the religious function of the puppet, its role as an intermediary between man and gods, its original role. It takes on this part of humanity lying between dreams and reality.
After he is banished from Paradise, Man, who can no longer bear working, goes along to see God in person and begs him to send him someone to help him work the land because he can no longer do it alone. And so God invents the rotten scoundrel. From this moment on, one will become superior, the Boss, while the other becomes inferior, the bad guy.

Co Intermezzo
Founded in 1999 in Marseilles Friche La Belle de Mai following a professional puppeteering training session organised by the Masalia Theatre. The company has been working ever since with Marseilles’ northern suburbs, and particularly with the town halls of the 15th and 16th districts, with whom it has been organising a puppet festival each spring in the parks of the districts.
Ever since its creation, Intermezzo has continually been experimenting and enriching various puppet worlds and techniques.
Over the years, working with light and image has become absolutely vital for us, and today, we integrate audio-visual imagery into the company’s latest show : Noli me tangere.
41 rue Jobin, La friche la belle de Mai
13331 Marseille Cedex 3
tel. : 33 4 91 46 55 97
fax : 33 4 91 46 55 97
Artistic contact : Simon CIBASTI
tel : 33 6 80 53 46 74