gO, gO, gO by P'Silo
Espaceculture - between June 23 and July 7, 10h to 18h45
varnishing June 25, 18h

The festival chronicles serve as a presentation of the festival, but this is not their only function. It is their duty to provoke the perception of another dimension entirely, a subspace dimension. They are divided into two parts, one visual the other audio. Both tell the story of Mr Acheforlove. This lost man learns, during the course of his adventures, to measure the value of things. In his quest for a better future, he will come across dangerous situations, suffer without flinching the throes of temptation and the bite of adversity. Mr Acheforlove illustrates a modern hero figure, overwhelmed by doubt, rushing to his doom but coming back from it. A single trait, underlines his character : he progresses by inadvertence.
The visual chronicles are exposed in the form of canvases. The most essential scenes are vigorously brushed, like that encounter with a dragon. The vivid colours accentuate the tension of a composition where the torsion of the bodies shows the fear of a face to face. The very graphical treatment mixes line with coloured tinted areas. The epic thus composed gives rhythm to the space. In it's centre, we discover the festival by means of its publicity spots. Clip after clip, scroll all the images that make up this event.