Substance Nord by"dISTANCE fOCALE" and "360° et même plus"
Filet - between June 30 and July 7, 17h to 22h
varnishing June 30, 18h

"Substance Nord" (A scanner Northerly) is an urban drift, a film and photographic wandering in Northern Europe, mainly around two cities: Antwerp (Belgium) and Frankfurt (Germany) where images were collected intermittently from September 2004 to February 2005. Antwerp: diamond capital of the world, second European port, ranked fourth in the world for its air pollution rate. Frankfurt: first European stock exchange market, hosting the biggest world design and trade fair, and dreaming to become a new Gotham... "Substance Nord" is a fragmentary approach of urban and industrial space, giving photographic countershots of two cities modelled according to the town-planning norms of a liberal and capitalistic system.

Christine Gabory
The association was created in November 1999 in Nice, by a collective of picture makers: photographers, visual artists, graphic designers were indeed the first active and constitutive members of the association.
Sharing a common sensitivity as well as motivated by the same desire and necessity to see new approaches emerge, in terms of creation and distribution in photography as well as in all artistic practices, we committed ourselves as soon as 1999 to actions on the fringe of the purely commercial sector.
The goals of dISTANCE fOCALE are
1) To promote, accompany, in terms of: management/conception/creation/distribution, the emergence of projects within the field of creation and/or the environment, and to support processes involving the conjunction of these two fields.
2) To encourage and/or generate initiatives questioning the public and making it more aware about socio-environmental practices and stakes, on local and global scales.
3) To distribute and/or produce (or co-produce) creations, reports and/or documentaries made by its members using the following media: websites, books (micro-publishing), DVDs, exhibitions, screenings.
4) To participate, on a long term, to the creation or the renovation of an experimental many-sided site, a living place, where different notions can be combined: inhabitants and habitats (ecobuilding)/workshops and art residencies/and any activities proposing pragmatically to reveal and/or redefine the links that the social body, or the individual, weaves in its/his/her relationship to the territory.
tél. 33 6 09 08 13 14

Agathe Dreyfus, Christine Gabory et Ivora Cusack
360° et même plus (360° and even more) produces and distributes non-commercial films, which means they are created and exist on the periphery of the film or television industry. As a collective, 360° et même plus brings together filmmakers, editors, photographers, graphic designers and curators. It is based in Marseilles.
tel. : 33 4 91 91 50 08