Go, Go, Go
between July 2 and July 7, 11h30, rediffusion 16h30

Listen to the audio chronicles of the festival Go, Go, Go
day 1    day 2    day 3    day 4    day 5    day 6
by P'Silo and the Co des Bouffons
on Radio Grenouille 88.8
with Karine Papin, Laure Dottori, Mike Reveau Peiffer & Ange Rosa Berr
The audio chronicles give life and means to the character of Mr Acheforlove along with all the creatures that surround him. We are seeking the creation of a tale, on the one hand by using film music that is known and proper to the evocation of all sorts of decor, ambiance and action, and on the other, by grafting on the story with its dialogues and descriptions. Most of the time, it has an extravagant tone and the moral is fantasy. These chronicles introduce a presentation of the festival, its dates and programme.