July 3
19h30 FILMER ET PUNIR by Pierre Merejkowsky - 64mn (in his présence)
Release preview - release date the 1st of August

production: Les Productions Aléatoires
with : Pierre Merejkowsky, Patrick Zocco, Eric Feldmann, Natalia de Perceval, Arlette Laguillier et Alain Krivine in the role of Alain Krivine
I whistled ‘The International’ for 8 seconds in my precedent film. The SDRM demanded a sum of 8000 euros. The president of ATTAC places the money of the European Social Fund into a pension fund. Arte broadcast a documentary about the representation of prisoners in the representation of prisons. I kiss Natalia profiting from my position of director. Zalea TV pay a rent to the Paris town hall. I demand a court hearing.
November 2004 - release of my feature film Insurrection- Résurrection at The Entrepot cinema. The SDRM certify that I whistle in this film for seven seconds ’The International’ and demand 3000 euros legal damages.
Early 2005 - an open letter to the newspapers, written by Pierre Merejkowsky. "Le Monde" puts on its front pages this demand for legal damages.
January 2005 - commence shooting the film Filmer et Punir.
Festival cinémas différents de Paris
Bougez la Place (Surgères)

I started shooting Super 8 films whilst still at school. The distribution of my films is indivisible from their realisation. Shooting and distribution enable me to exist. I weave connections with different social environments.
The film is a vector, a vector of speech, a vector of euphoria, a vector of everyday transformation.
The affective bonds, the power stakes, the political discussions, my routine feeds my ethic cinematography.
I am the exclusive agent of my reinsertion.
The spectators and the creators are no longer separated by the pompous barrier that is erected by the directors position.
It consists of placing the act of creation in a mode that is of a human scale.
I am the unique founder and member of the association "Les films du Crime et du Châtiment".
My association organises projections in cafes, in places run by associations, in private apartments, in Provence, in Paris, in Belgium, in Switzerland.
It consists of asserting ones proper identity.
The spectators are present as spectators.
There are no more underprivileged, nor blighted areas, nor riche nor poor.
There are men, women, who for the duration of a projection, agree to talk and to smile.
The bluish glow of the television set placed on the end of the bar tears the opacity of the nights of our towns, which bury the impulses of our identities under the unrelenting definition of our social functions.
Les films du Crime et du Châtiment
Pierre Merejkowsky - 33 1 45 67 86 20

Les Productions Aléatoires have chosen to produce and defend a cinema that is different and experimental. A cinema that is committed, radical , and always concerned with the cinematographic form.
For far too long the response of producers has been : “ it’s good, but, it has to be rewritten“. This belief that everything rests on the scenario, that it must be set in stone in order to find funding, has the effect of formatting all projects and exhausting the directors who arrive on the day of shooting having lost their initial desire, because of years of justification and explanation.
More and more film and video makers no longer identify with commercial cinema or with the actual academic authors cinema.
Our desire is to offer a production to that eternal new cinema, to leave the director free to change the film en route, to allow experimentations, risks and doubts. These films are neither demagogic or self-centred. They reach more and more spectators because they remind us that cinema is an art before it is an industry and that in our era of over promotion through the media, it is indispensable that free films subsist, only they are capable of fighting against the standardisation of real and imaginary representations.
Les productions aléatoires
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