EDITO 2007

None of the hands are orientated towards the ground. They are inclined towards the left or the right, more or less. They follow the model of the stone, which gives them an agitated air. A well felt model in an upward direction. One can believe that the stone on which repose the open palms, shaken little blades of grass, form a consenting mass. In places they detach themselves. They are constituted of one to three colours, red haloed hand, white hand haloed in black, black and red hand haloed in white. There is of course, an average sized man crouched in front. He's just taken up this position after having spread his arms. He is wearing clothes for the occasion yet seems out of sorts. The heat is overwhelming him no doubt. The place is desert like, cut into naked and abrupt furrows by lost giants. In their depths, large green tufts prettily cheer the landscape.
All of us, spectators that we are, will find ourselves before a Patagonian hand.
The festival proposes, again and for its 7th edition, an international programme of free brushwork : films, short and middle length, where the image dominates and produces palpitating phenomena. The selection -programmes and video library- take this into account . A preview will give a foretaste, to the rhythms of electro women live act. 2007 by Miss Heksenfee. The subjects treated are, as always, very diverse. However, the events of the festival, have this year, a common theme : Love and Politics. Firstly, this materialises with the installation Substance Nord, a proposal of "dISTANCE fOCALE" and "360° et même plus", secondly in Filmer et punir by Pierre Merejkowsky which is the Opening night, thirdly in the Closing night with the puppets of Noli me Tangere, a creation by the Co Intermezzo. Finally P'Silo will give a version with "Go, gO, Go" the audio and visual chronicles of the festival.
He questions the human condition, not without humour. Ah let the birds fly!