EDITO 2014

To accept the enigma of a film is to delight in it. Such an acquiescence is caused by the depth of a character, an actor's performance or the sharpness of the dialogues. The spectator appreciates watching elements assemble and thus seeing the puzzle being reconstituted. The pattern in the puzzle evolves (the story) and the aspect of its parts gives it character (the form).
The Images Contre Nature festival proposes something else: to honour form and step out of the conventional framework of the script.
Once the plunge has been taken, plastic inventions are numerous. To the already existing vocabulary high or low-angle shot, in shot or off-camera, reverse angle, travelling or close-up are added text, flat tints, inlays, superimpositions, colouring, bleaching or using lines. The editing plays with loops, breaks and syncopated images. Permission is granted to appropriate and twist films made by others, to pay them tribute, to be funny, poetic, political, very long or very short.
Surprising, puzzling practices in which television and film productions blithely find much inspiration. "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible"- Frank Zappa