by 360° et même plus
Videodrome 2/ 49 Cours Julien 13006 Marseille tel. 33 4 91 42 75 41
Sunday July 12, 21h

Brûle la mer (Burning the sea) by Nathalie Nambot and Maki Berchache
(France, 2014, 75’, colour, shooting format: Super8 and 16mm, screening format: DCP)
"Burning the Sea" stands at the paradoxical crossroads between the lively energy of a revolution in progress, the momentum of a departure to Europe, and the violence of a welcome declined. The film targets what constitutes the sensitive framework of an existence at a time of rupture; that which is the smallest, the most common, far from exoticism, but haunted by a dream, like an exhortation. It is not a film about emigration or revolution, it is an essay on freedom, or rather an essay that stages freedom: a real and fictitious attempt to escape which involves the making of a film, taking part in the process of emancipation: burning the sea, borders, laws, papers, etc. What does it mean to break with one’s past life, leave one’s country and family in which, somehow or other, strong links of solidarity, mutual assistance and ancestral ties to the land still prevail, and join a world mythologized and dominated by capitalist relationships? What is meant by "living one’s life"?”
The filmmakers will discuss the film with the audience after the screening.

360° et même plus
The 360° et même plus film collective produces and distributes documentary or experimental films with a social and political edge. In its approach to filmmaking and distribution, it positions itself at the margins of the film and television industries. Embracing the lightness of direct cinema in its sensitivity and responsiveness to current events, the collective’s filmmakers opt for the least constraining production processes while working towards cooperative financial sustainability. 360° et même plus also facilitates video workshops, curates screenings ("Hors cases" cycles) and provides services in editing and graphic design amongst other fields.