by 360° et même plus
Videodrome 2/ 49 Cours Julien 13006 Marseille tel. 33 4 91 42 75 41
Thursday July 9, 20h
20h first part
21h intermission
22h second part

20h, first part
Brigitte by Brigitte by Brigitte Sy
(France, 2011, 30', colour, video)
Brigitte, age 46, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for phone harassment of her psychoanalyst. She talks about her offence, her sentence, her lesbian love relationships, about prison, and writing... She wrote a book "La prison ruinée" (Prison ruined), published in 2011 by Les Indigènes and Brigitte Sy, who is filming her, reads out large excerpts from it.

22h , second part
J'trouve pas mon bleu / Portrait by Paulie Toxica
With : Thibo/Paulie Toxica
Images : Sandrine Salzard
Blahblah : Sandrine Salzard, Zouliha des Étoiles, Infidel Castra
(France, 2004, 52', colour)
Filmed in real time, Thibo transforms himself, as best as he can, into Paulie Toxica. Coming from the faggot and radical francodrag sissy scene of the 90s, early 2000, he shares his past, talks about the queer movement, his experiences, his struggles, love, revolution, drugs, etc. with a lot of doubts and sincerity.
Infidel Castra will discuss the film with the audience after the screening.

360° et même plus
The 360° et même plus film collective produces and distributes documentary or experimental films with a social and political edge. In its approach to filmmaking and distribution, it positions itself at the margins of the film and television industries. Embracing the lightness of direct cinema in its sensitivity and responsiveness to current events, the collective's filmmakers opt for the least constraining production processes while working towards cooperative financial sustainability. 360° et même plus also facilitates video workshops, curates screenings ("Hors cases" cycles) and provides services in editing and graphic design amongst other fields.