Videodrome 2/ 49 Cours Julien 13006 Marseille tel. 33 4 91 42 75 41
Friday, June 26, 2015, 20h30
7 films, 7 selection programs, a foretaste of the festival - 47mn

sadescription No more lonely nights
20mn45   color & b/w   stereo   2013   Italy
by Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core
A degenerated melodrama. Starting from the cliché of the woman crying over a lost love, a journey begins in search of the background radiation of fiction cinema.
[ pr. movement ]

sadescription Demolished Every Second
4mn25   color & b/w   stereo   2014   Tajikistan
by John Davis
This short work utilizes imprints from Soviet-era film leader culled from dozens of films viewed while working as an artist in residence in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in 2014. The material was largely 1980’s-era educational and propaganda films that contained a broad range of content, but had only subtle variations on more or less the same leader. Foregrounding the often ignored hand-written or machine printed artifacts found on leader, the imprints become the primary source material for a psychotronic audio/visual salvo set to an original score.
[ pr. perception ]

sadescription AmericaAntiAmerica
3mn45   color   stereo   2014   USA
by Neil Needleman
A short, light philosophical video that asks questions about the meaning and power of imagery, and the nature of patriotic (and anti-patriotic) acts. It asks the questions, but it's up to you to answer them.
[ pr. sense ]

sadescription Flower Pot
2mn28   color   stereo   2015   India
by Aditi Kulkarni
« Flower pot » is a narrative, projecting parallel and relative dimension co-existing in space-time model. It creates an experience of disorientating and dual existence for the viewer, to establish a dialogue between the multiple spaces and time that exist around us.
[ pr. space ]

sadescription While the unicorn is watching me
7mn46   color & b/w   dolby stereo   2014   France
by Shanti Masud
By a cold sunday morning, a man wakes up under the mischievous watch of a unicorn straight out of one of his dreams. Worn with a morning sensuality, his fantasies gradually transform his lonely apartment into a garden of delights where this young faun can freely reap the fruits of his desires.
production : local films
[ pr. long ]

sadescription Le mare
2mn42   b/w   stereo   2014   Canada
by Élaine Labrie
Inspired by the Scandiniavian folk-tale of “The Mare” wherein it is a possessed woman who haunts our dreams, « Le Mare » is an experimental exploration into the liquid realm of the subconscious and nightmares.
distribution : Groupe Intervention Vidéo
[ pr. identity ]

sadescription In the mood of desire
3mn   color   stereo   2014   France
by Rima Samman
A man and a woman full of sensuality, melancholy and desire.
production : Filigranes Films
distribution : Filigranes Films
[ pr. time ]