EDITO 2015

Bernard Maris's last book is a happy book. There is a real pleasure to go to dig cheerfully into a text which has the gift to make smell how much everything is question of look, place(square), attitude. That it is essential to know where from we speak - even if it receives(holds) a part of contradiction to choose a point of view because it is necessary to choose one. This way, this paper crosses problems close to those which worry the artistic world: that to represent? And actually, in which function will answer this representation? Because she will answer inevitably a function, the most intimate are. What system join the work, the artist, the movie, the spectator?
The answer holds maybe in the experience sensitive to which lead us our thoughts, to embody what we believe. Armand Gatti said during one interview: "I believe in the man."
Bernard Maris's book finishes on a question mark. Which beautiful way of trusting its prochain.
During this 15th edition, Images Contre Nature will present 81 movies distributed in 7 programs: space, Identity, long, Movement, Perception, Sense and Time, so called to put forward the formal work which often characterizes the experimental movies. So, can harmonize works of invoices and different subjects, some getting closer to the documentary, to others working on the motive and the symbol. All have in common to work the language of the image.
The festival will open and will close again on a white card at the collective 360 ° et même plus.
These two evenings / meetings will allow to discover three portraits, three routes where join the prison "Brigitte par Brigitte" by Brigitte Sy, the queer "J’trouve pas mon bleu / Portrait" by Paulie Toxica, the emigration "Brûle la mer" by Nathalie Nambot and Maki Berchache and, above all, the liberté.
The programming is completed by the exhibition "Burn Out" by Christine Gabory and Caroline Beuret, consisted further to a journey in Latin America where the neoliberalism draws profound furrows.
Finally, Denis Cartet and Alain Nicolas will revisit, with Magic Mix, most classical musics of cinema in live one festive and colored Vjing.